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More from Camp Hacknslash & FREDDY VS JASON!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with more on Camp Hacknslash and FREDDY VS JASON! I'll be working on my review tonight and tomorrow... this event was a complete and total trip to take in. Can't wait to do the next Camp Hacknslash next year, but next - the next AICN film event will be at the old abandoned Insane Asylum out by the prison... or at least that's the plan - I'll announce more when the details are ironed!

Camp Hacknslash Attendees!!! No matter the color of the stripes of your socks - I want your opinion, photos and memories! E-Harry with whatcha got!

Want CAMP HACKNSLASH STUFF? CLICK HERE! The Art for this came at the last minute - so these items won't be at the event, but if you want them, to remember the event - here they are! ENJOY!

Hey Harry--

G-Dude from Movie-Vault, just wanted to say thank you a thousand times over for putting this thing on. I didn't get a chance to thank you in person, but this thing ruled the world. Other than getting lost trying to find this "Mopac" thing that is only known to frequenters of Austin (which I ain't but wish I was), the camp itself was a blast. The contests were awesome, especially the duct tape wallet making contest. I love all things duct tape related, and although mine turned out not as neat as the winners (fuck neatness there were plenty of hot bodies there, waiting to be hosed down...until some guy in the contest decided he needed to be a dick. Literally. Of course, most of the best girls were in line after him, but since he decided to show his Prince Albert (which I thankfully missed, seeing only some sort of shiny metallic object between his legs before looking away in horror and staring at the girls behind him) to the world the camp owners shut the contest down. A lot of the hot girls were pissed off, as they were already wet and cold and now but now for no point. Whoever that guy was, I hope he gets castrated by Marcellus Wallace very soon. DIE SLOW, BITCH!

Before the show, some people from an local Austin show called "Prof. Griffin's Midnight Show" came on and did some trivia stuff. It was fun as hell, and Usher was GORGEOUS. It makes me wish I could see their show up here in College Station, but that would require this town actually being cool first. Seriously, my friends had to drag me from one spot to another cause I was too busy ogling the amazing beauty of Usher. And her fire dance was all kinds of hot.

The previews started up, I too was wondering why the Dream Warriors trailer was missing (as were a lot of people judging by the crowd when it skipped from Freddy's Revenge to Dream Master), but the movie began. My review should be up on Movie-Vault soon (yeah, I'm plugging my site. A guy's gotta make a livin), but in short: I am not a big fan of either series (although I do tend to favor Freddy), and this movie OWNED. My only complaint was the fuckin kids, who grinded my nerves every minute they were onscreen. I know that it's kinda the point, but when they're interrupting the Freddy slashing, Jason hacking goodness for the kids' lame-o plot threads I was more than annoyed. However, the movie seemed to realize this about halfway through and all was well and good in the land of BloodNGore. And the end--WOW. I am sworn to secrecy (and the fear that Robert Englund will tell me to DIE SLOW BITCH!) and will not say anything. But I do owe a thousand more thanks to you, Harry, and all the other guys at New Line who fought for us to be allowed to see that ending. Cause it was PERFECT.

Again, thanks a million for this great event. I hope everyone at the camp will hold true to their promise and keep quiet until Friday. It's too good to be let out before then.

Thanks again,


here's LM...

Hey there Harry,

I just want to say what express my reviews on Camp Hack-n-Slash. First of all the main thing I liked was the movie and the stars there. I'm however a tad bit disappointed that there weren't any items besides snacks and drinks to buy there for I was expecting some merchandise to be there for it was a world premiere.

I'd also like to note the activities were ok but there weren't too many good ones to do besides dodge ball which was all signed up and no spots left. I'd also like to note that the Midnight Shadow Show's trivia thing wasn't all that well put together and am wondering if it was at all trivia for the answers were told. But to get to the second likable aspect of the deal was when they had Usher do her fire dance to the Living Dead Girl song that in it's self made it more worth while to be there.

Also I mean not to be a teacher's pet but from what I saw and heard from you I found it to be good and might I say funny also. As of for a third reason on what I liked there it was the chance to see Robert Enguland in person for that also made it a lot more worth while and might I note that seeing him in the flesh and not on tv is a intoxicating and wondrous experience. I do have to say that movie it's self rocked and kicked some serious ass for it blew me away to see all the gore and sexual scenes here in the new age of political correctness and might I also say thank you to Ronnie for it's been quite some time since I saw good material like this and keep up the good work.

Over all the experience there was a good one and one I won't forget in awhile and I can't wait till next week and see it again for this movie caught my eyes and attention. I'd also like to note to the spoiler's out there and they know who they are not to mess up this for I'm looking forward to the next one they mentioned and can't wait.

Sign me as LM

Next we have 'Bert with the most complete detailing yet!

Full report from Camp HacknSlash (minor spoilers)  

Well.. that was a LOT of fun

as many of you are aware, a friend and I went to the special world premiere screening of Freddy vs Jason at an all-day/all-night "summer camp" yesterday and today.

It was put on by the "Alamo Drafthouse" "Rolling Roadshow" -- that's where the theatre brings their inflatable screen someplace cool, and has a special screening (the last one they did was "the Goonies" with special guest Corey Feldman, shown in an underground cavern!

We arrived at camp (actually Camp Ben McCullugh a 30 minute drive from downtown) at 1pm on Sat for check in.

there was a HUGE line of cars to get in, and I was surprised to see so many had showed up right on time.

We stood in line after parking, and got registered. We were each issued a powder blue Tshirt (see pic attached) and a pair of colored tube socks. The tube socks were supposed to be used for the Tribal councils and campfire songs, but those things never happened -- oh well.. these things never go EXACTLY as planned

The shirt and socks were to be worn w/ blue short-shorts. . these were the Camp uniforms, and prevented gate-crashers from showing up (you couldn't participate unless you were wearing the uniform).

We looked over the activities available, and discovered that each camper was allowed to participate in 3 activities (activities started at 3, and ran an each hour, until 8 pm -- so after doing your 3 activites, there was gonna be some time to kill, since you could only do three).

Having shown up on-time, we had our choices of all activities (since they hadn't filled up yet). .we chose to do Freddy Glove Making at 3, Human Fat Candle Making at 4, and Scull Bead Sculpting at 5.

Since it was only 1:30, my freind immediately broke into our cooler, and started drinking Rum, while I stuck w/ water for the time being.

Luckily, despite it having been in the 107 - 110 range over the past few days, it got overcast on Sat. morning (60% chance of rain) so the temperature stayed into the 90's, and there was a decent breeze).

We hung out w/ other campers, and made a bunch of new friends, until 3pm, when we went to Freddy Glove making. By 3, we were both already a little lit, and the "camp counsellor" dubbed our table "trouble" hehe. . . we hung out w/ our new friends and made absolutely terrible Freddy Gloves out of styrofoam plates and duck Tape. LOL . .they truly were horrible, but the newscrews on site were shooting pictures of them, so perhaps my terrible creation will be on tv?

Russell was getting a bit loopy by this time (and a bit obnoxious), but we stumbled our way across the screening feild to the candle making, and had a blast doing that. (of course, despite everyone esle's candles coming out looking like giant tampons (due to the string/dipping way of doing it), mine started to look like a penis. It was unintentional, but even our Candle Counsellor was lauging at how funny it came out. (I kept it, but it got a bit smooshed in my bag).

Luckily, the bead making was at the picnic tables right next to the Candles, becasuse by this time, Russell could barely walk (LOL). . in fact, he stumbled back to the car to get more Rum, and got lost on his way back. . . I had to go over to Indian Leg Wresting and lead him back to the bead table, because he "forgot" that we were making beads. (hehehe).

We had wanted to set up on the screening field, since we had shown up on time, but the Camp Organizers said that they were going to be handing out ribbons for certain events, and those that had ribbons would get first choice at seating.

We hadn't entered in anything that could get us ribbons (like the Hot dog eating contest, dodgeball, or Coloring Contest), but I had found a second place ribbon on the ground.

By now, it was 6pm, but we had already done our 3 activites, so we wandered around and took pictures (when I get them developed, I'll post some), and I was absolutely drooling over the gorgeous skinny straight and tattooed men wandering around nearly naked (I took pics of many of the goth girls too. . since they were also great looking, but with so many guys wearing short-shorts? . . there were a LOT of "testicular-escapes". . so I was doing a lot of looking

We watched some Slosh-ball (which is basically softball, but with a keg of beer as second base, and you can't continue on until you down a cup of beer), and soem Dodge-ball. . these folks are HARD CORE. . hell. .get a bunch of straight guys showing off for thier girlfriends? they were nailing each other with that ball!

Russell needed to sit down, and so we went to the car, and got all our stuff, and kinda sorta set up by the side of the viewing area and started hanging out again w/ some new folks we met (some drove up from Waco, and one couple came down form Kansas to attend).

At 7pm, the Salt Lick (a local Bar-B-Que place) set up the dinner catering and folks started to line up for dinner.

as people started getting their food, they started sitting down on the viewing field. . despite the Counsellors telling folks that the people w/ Ribbons got first choice, people continued to go on the field -- so our little group (which by now was 8 folks we had been talking to) said, "screw it". . and went out to the middle of the field and ploped down in prime a prime viewing spot

Then we went and got in line to get food.

While we were waiting in line, the guy from the Alamo Drafthouse came on the mike and announced that there were nearly 1000 folks in attendance!

They introduced a local horror host and his two assistants. . and they did some horrible songs about Jason and Freddy. . and he hosted a Jason/Freddy trivia contest (that he had given all the answers to in his summary of the series). Oh well. . at least he made it interesting by asking the Jason fans Freddy questions, and the Freddy fans, Jason questions.

Since everyone was allready sitting on the grass in front of the inflatable screen, I guess they scuttled the plans for the tribal coucils. . .no point in breaking people up into groups if they already are sitting w/ thier friends

They announced it was time for the wet T-shirt Contest. I'd say they had about 26 entries, and about a third were guys (most of whom had put dixie cups under thier tops). Things were going well. . with cold water being dumped onto thin white shirts . . until the fourth contestant (I think it was the fourth) a guy -- decided to completely drop his pants and wave his privates at the 1000 people sitting in the audience

The organizers, of course, immediately said they didn't have permission from the park's owners and cancelled the rest of the contest (understandable). I wasn't too upset. . but some did seem disappointed that they didn't get to see most of the girls

Since the Wet T-shirt contest was cancelled (and the Tribal Council skipped) there was about an hour of free time prior to the film starting. . so one of the local horror host's assistants came out and did a damn impressive fire-dance. . including a bunch of firebreathing. . she was very good (yay)

everyone then just sat and ate/drank/talked until it got dark, and Tim (owner of the Alamo Drafthouse) and Harry Knowles came out and addressed the crowd. They asked everyone to please turn off any recording equpment, and begged that NO ONE give away the ending to the film -- since New Line had only allowed the complete film to be shown on the condition that "who wins" is not given away prior to the film opening nationally (next weekend).

Anyways. . they left the stage, the screen lit up, and we saw trailers for every Friday the 13 movie (except for part VI) and every Nightmare on Elm Street move (except for part III) -- I guess the ones we didn't see, they weren't able to get the trailers for?

Then the film started. "Freddy vs. Jason"

EXCELLENT start, right off the bat, setting up the story basically telling us all "this is gonna be a REAL slasher film"

Unfortunately, the film goes downhill from there:

It takes too long to really get things going, most of the main characters are not very likable, several of the devices to get the plot to move forward make no sense (other than if the character DIDN'T do this, the plot gets stuck), and a few huge plot holes (such as kids escaping from a mental institution, and the Police not being able to find them -- despite them being at home, in their rooms!).

My biggest problem with it was the lead acress simply is not very good. Yes, she looks pretty, but she is a terrible actress! Even I had a hard time believing her up there on the screen.

Another problem is that Freddy really gets the short shift here. . he kills ONE time in this flick. Jason racks up the bodies, and Freddy gets one kill? damn. . who'd he piss off at New line?

Was anything good?

OH yes: the main idea -- basically, Freddy has lost his power, because the children of Elm street have forgotten him. . so he manipulates Jason thru dreams to killing a few children to get them fearing Freddy again (no one realizes it's Jason doing the killing). . but once Freddy is up to full strength again, Jason doesn't want to leave Elm Street (remember, Jason lives to kill )

Jason's rampage thru the Rave is also destined to be remembered as one of the Friday the 13th series' highlights.

The Freddy/Jason fight in the dream world , and the SECOND Jason/Freddy Fight at Crystal Lake are both showstoppers. Not only well done, but possibly the bloodiest thing I've ever seen on screen -- in other words, they were GREAT!

Oh, and yes, there is a definate winner. . but I won't reveal the ending, because we were asked not to.

I would give this film 1 1/2 to 2 stars. Yeah, it was a bit disappointing. . but it was better than several of the Friday films, and better than the last few Nightmare films as well (but I think Jason X was better than this one).

After the film (which got a standing ovation -- I guess it's all about what audience you are showing it to), Robert Englund (Freddy) Donny Wu (the Director), Ken Kurtzinger (Jason), and Sean Cunningham (the Friday producer) came out for a 1/2 hour Q&A.

the crowd went nuts, and it WAS rather cool to have them there at the screening. Some very interesting questions. . most of which I cant remember but the "biggest" news, I guess, was Englund sauying that there is a script boppig around New Line for a Nightmare prequel, called "Elm Street: the first Murders". . sounds like it could be interesting if it gets made. (I guess they'll wait to see how "Freddy vs. Jason" does.

After a quick intermission (during which we went and cashed in our coupons for s'mores they started a few more trailers, and we went right into the second film "Sleepaway Camp".

I'd never seen it, and neither had any of the folks around us.

it was so bad, it was brilliant. It was bad in a good way. . LOL. . .and since we had never seen it, the "twist" ending was fresh to all of us.

This was easily the most homo-erotic film I have ever seen that wasn't a porno!. . . . Long , loving shots of upclose men's legs, guys wearing short-shorts -- with the camera lingering on thier (underwear-less (apparently)) crotches, Up camera angles of men in short-shorts having a shirtless waterballoon fight on a rooftop, even a gay-for-no-reason parental tryst that seems thrown in for the hell of it. . LOL Oh yeah, there's also a killer running around killing every camper and counsellor who is mean to Amanda (and her cousin Mark (I think that was his name)).

In other words. . it was GREAT!

After the film, they brought out the actor who played 'mark' and mentioned that "amanda" had also planned to attend, but she had taken ill and sent her regrets.

Of course, almost every question was about the homo-content of the film (LOL), and it was great watching him try not to "out" the director as he tip-toed around the answers ("no, really, we didnt' think there was anything homo-erotic about it while we were filming it" -- heh. . did he not WATCH the film???).

after another quick break, the third film started Madman (Marz)

Tim had announced that he had never seen it, and that it came out only a year after the first Friday the 13th, so he had a feeling it was bad. . but perhaps there were some "hidden gems" in it.

LOL. . this was awful!. . . but there were parts that were so bad it was good: The killer "Madman Marz" looked liks a sasquatch crossed w/ Ozzy from the Bark at the Moon Video. Why? Who knows, it isn't explained. . LOL

A long. . . LONG. . segment where the characters "TP" and (blond chick who's name I forge) "seduce" each other in a hot tub . . I swear, they were circling each other for so long in the hot tub, I finally said "what? are they caught in the current?" (getting big laughs from all around us) Poor "TP" got heckled even after his death. . he was hung. . so there were constant comments about TP being hung in the bathroom. . hehehe

My fave scene is a woman who is being chased (and these chase scenes were at least 10 minutes long -- so long, that people cheered when they finally got killed) anyways, she's being chased, and she goes into the kitchen, opens the fridge. . pulls out the shelves (thowing them on the floor) and HIDES IN THE FRIDGE. . . LOL LOL. . and the creature cant find her! despite the shelves being on the floor. . . heh. I was kinda hoping that she would get stuck in there and suffocate, like our Moms always used to warn us about refrigerators

to make the film instantly bad tho. . one only needs to watch the first 4 minutes. . yep the film opens w/ "TP" singing a song around the campfire, about dying in the woods talk about taking out any suspense whatsoever!

dud.. .but it was so bad in parts that it was fun to make fun of it.  

by this time, it was 4am, and the sky was starting to fill up w/ LOTS of ligtening.

Despite a light sprinkle. . . we went on to the final film Wet , Hot American Summer . eh. . I mean, I get what the film was trying to do, but it just didn't move along fast enough (or funny enough) for my tastes. . .

If anyone has seen it tho, could you please tell me who was playing Ben? I recognized the actor, but couldn't place him. . is that that same actor who plays Will on "Alias"? (hehe. .I'll admit it was HOT watching him kiss another guy onscreen). at just after 5:15, the sky simply opened up, and it started to POUR. . not just sprinkles, but pouring rain.

Tim, apologized, but said they had to stop, to save the equipment, but if anyone wanted to see the last 25 minutes of the film , they would re-show it tonight at midnight at the theater.

We decided that the film wasn't good enough for us to bother, so we scrambled to pack everything up, and headed out (along w/ the other 400 or so who had stayed the whole night).

We missed out on the breakfast tacos we had been promised -- but what can you do? if it's raining, you have to cancel. . . (besides, the tacos werent' to be served until 6:30, and we didn't want to wait around an hour wet).

We headed home, and I tried to sleep all day, but I only ended up w/ 4 hours. I'll be going to bed early.

All in all. . . .

Despite not loving the films, I had a fantastic time, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! (we might too. .Harry implied they might do something similar for the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake coming out in Oct.).


Now... here's Gilson with his journey to the event!

Hey Harry. How are you man?

Well, Camp HackNSlash has come and gone. I asked myself afterwards if it was worth all the stress I went through to get a posse together so I could go.

Ya see, I am a shy, tall, 20-year old lonely factory worker who lives right here in Austin and I am a guy who has too many acquaintances and not enough friends. And I knew no one to go with to the camp. I asked a few acquaintances if they wanted to go, but they were not interested because horror movies are not their thing.

And my overprotective Momma who I live with would not allow me to go on my own, and because I do not own a car, nor do I even know how to drive one, I had no choice but to obey.

Lucky for me, the horror movie God's were on my side and I managed to find two very willing people to posse with.

And as I said, after it was all over with, I asked myself if it was worth the stress of me thinking I was not going to be able to go. Because believe me, I was going through a depression because I thought I could not go. I was freaking suicidal man! But I got to go! So was it worth it all? I'd have to say HECK yes! :-D

It was a fun experience and beats sitting at home on Saturday night. I'm glad I was able to go. It was a lot of fun. I mean, this was a rare opportunity. An event like that happening in my hometown and all. I had to be apart of it all.

My very small crew and I did the fashionable late entrance thing, which was fine even though I wanted to get there early. But we did not miss much. I honestly wasn't interested in doing any physical activities anyway because I am not in very good physical shape. I DID do some arts and crafts though and made this really groovy Jason mask. :-) That was the only activity I did, which was a lot of fun.

From there, my partner in crime and I waited for an hour in line to get some Salt Lick Texas BBQ, which was well worth the wait too. 

I did not mind about the wet T-shirt contest getting canned either since by the time I got out of the BBQ line, I had just heard about it getting canceled. LOL. So not like there was anything there to tempt me.

I enjoyed the trivia contest deal afterwards. I should have entered, cause I got every question right about the "Friday The 13th" movies. But oh well. I'd probably be too shy to go up there anyway.

I liked how after the trailers aired, and there was that short intermission and the Jason fans and Freddy fans begin chanting. i.e. Freddy fans chanted "Freddy," and Jason fans responding with a chant of "Jason." Really, it looked like Freddy was the more popular one out there. I am more of a Jason man myself. :-D I can relate to him more. He and I are both big guys who happen to be Momma's boys. ;-)

One thing that was funny is that while all the "Freddy" and "Jason" chants were going on, one guy tried to start a "Michael" chant, referring to the "Halloween" series of course which was very humorous. Not sure if you heard that one.

I liked all the cheers and boo's through out the movie too. It was like being at a bocing event. The people were really into it. That always makes watching movies much better. It was real fun getting to watch a movie like that out there too in the deep woods, late at night, with the full moon shining on all.

Sadly after the very entertaining Q and A deal, my two crew members was ready to head for home, which was okay I guess. They did me a big fav by going with me, so I could not complain.

On the bright side, on the way home, we notice there was a very large black limo following us from the camp. Before we knew it, they were on the side of us......

An unanimous decision was made by everyone in the car that it had to be the actors and company in the car. So I did what anyone else would have done in that situation.

.....I rolled the window down, put on my Jason mask that I made in arts and crafts that day, and started waving and yelling at them like a mad man. I realize they probably laughed at me and thought I was nuts, but that's okay. Not like they saw what I looked like anyway. :-D

Plus, they entertain us all the time, so I hope they did laugh at me so I could entertain them. :-D

And I will still be going to the movies to see "Freddy vs. Jason" this Fridat when it opens to the world. Shoot, once I can buy tickets on, I shall get those bad boys. I really wanna show my support to the actors and crew members by going to see the movie.

And please do not worry in regards of spoilers. I will not be telling or offline any spoilers or even hints about the movie itself. I post on many horror movie message boards on the net and have made it clear to the posters that I won't even tell them what I thought of the movie until next weekend when it opens.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who give away spoilers to movies, TV shows, or books, etc, etc. I hate that nonsense more then anything, and I would never do that to anyone else. Even if they wanted me to tell them.

So fear not, my lips are sealed. And if someone from the message boards e-mails or IM's me for spoilers and begs me for em,' I STILL won't tell em.' :-D

That is how much I hate spoilers. And besides, spoilers spoil things and take away from the shock value of things as you well know. I have told them all to go to some other fan if they want those spoilers, cause they won't get em' from this fan. It's called "tough love." I tell them that I am doing it for their own good! LOL. And I will tell them that they'll thank me later and will just have to trust me for now. :-D

All in all, it was a fun day. It was like celebrating my favorite holiday, Halloween early. And I enjoyed it a lot. Kinda makes me wish I would have gone to summer camp as a kid.

And I will be heading back to that area in November for my birthday cause I gotta get me some of that Salt Lick BBQ again. :-D And so I can see that beautiful land out there too. It's peaceful and quiet, and was a perfect place for the camping event.

As you probably already know, there have been rumors about a sequel to "Freddy vs. Jason" being made. Hear any info on that? I hope there is one and I hope another event like this happens again next year or whenever the movie is made...cause it was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again. It was almost sad when it all ended.

And if another event like this does happen, it gives me at least a year to make some dang friends who are into horror movies and will be willing to get there early and stay late. :-D

Anyway, it was a real fun day dude. You did a great job. Thank you very much for putting it together. You are the man! :-D


-Gilson J. Viator IV

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