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So Brad Pitt has signed to play CAPTAIN AMERICA right'

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems a lot of folks are hopping on this Brad Pitt has signed onboard CAPTAIN AMERICA story that's come out of SKY NEWS' gossip fella Neil Sean (me neither), who claims to have spies saying that Brad Pitt has signed onboard to play CAPTAIN AMERICA. They even seem to quote Brad Pitt as saying, "I wanted to make an all-out family movie - something that all ages can go to. And as a child it was my favourite comic."

Given I make it a quasi-religious task of following what is going on with CAPTAIN AMERICA... I knew that last I heard it was tied up in a "RIGHTS ISSUE" and was at no point in development until that hurdle was cleared. Got the drop on this story 2 days ago, but waited till today to find time after the holiday weekend to call Avi Arad to see what was going on with the star-spangled one.

"So Avi, what's this Captain America - Brad Pitt thing?"

"Harry, I don't even know where they are getting this stuff from? As you know we are doing nothing with Captain America right now till we clear up the 'Rights Issues'. We want to do some amazing things with CAPTAIN AMERICA, but till everything is clear we are concentrating on other projects as you know."

I told him about the SKY NEWS piece and he said that he had been being called by the press about the rumor and he has been giving no comments, but that Brad Pitt is most definitely not signed on to play CAPTAIN AMERICA right now. Apparently he's never talked with Pitt about it, but that if Brad wants to play Captain America, Avi would definitely talk with him about it, but as of now... there isn't anything to talk with him about because till the rights are cleared it is essentially wasted breath.

Ok... so Brad Pitt isn't playing CAPTAIN AMERICA, there is no script, no director and no film set up because the 'Rights Issues' are still being worked out and as we all remember on SPIDER-MAN, these things take time. Lots of time.

Alright... so that aside... what do I think of BRAD PITT as Captain America?

If you remember or have ever even seen the original origin story art by Simon/Kirby that appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 in March of 1941... btw the first MARVEL (then TIMELY) hero to debut in his own titled comic... Well the beanpole like Steve Rogers prior to his Super-Serum injection actually bore more than a passing resemblance to Brad Pitt in body type and physical appearance.

HOWEVER - how on earth they'd pull off the Captain America physique on Brad Pitt without filming the origin story 2 years prior to the main body of production, which would require astonishing weight and mass gain and complete body form type change.... or do the CG or Make Up route... It's just complicated and very intense physical difference. Of course - Rick Baker could probably kick its ass best. The main thing is Brad's contemporary sounding voice and lack of authoratative command and presence... which could all change when we see his Achilles in TROY next summer.

However, we don't have to seriously think about this right now, because it ain't happening folks. And that's the real scoop...

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