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QT5 - Good Ol Boy Night (well not exactly) - DIXIE DYNAMITE and the amazing BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH!!!


"We have a couple of VERY FUN movies for ya tonight," Quentin started the evening off with.

Good Ol Boy night has a history of coolness. From the first one which found a fan smuggling Moonshine to Quentin, for the most surreal beautiful introduction of WHITE LIGHTNING ever… to last year’s WALKING TALL trilogy… GOOD OL BOY night is the night many write off, but many are wrong.

And tonight was no exception.

The first film on the plate was DIXIE DYNAMITE, directed by Lee Frost, who also penned the script with his partner in crime, Wes Bishop. Quentin informs us that they were both protégés of the great Jack Starrett, who’s brilliant DION BROTHERS is a thing of QT-fest legend. "While Lee and Wes could never hope to meet the brilliance of Starrett’s DION BROTHERS, they also could never fail as badly as Starrett’s worst. They make fun films like THE THING WITH TWO HEADS and you might remember POLICE WOMAN from an earlier QT fest" Oh yes I do, in fact the bride of Copernicus was nicknamed after POLICE WOMAN ever since.

"This is a good ol boy moonshining dynamite filled Pre-DUKES OF HAZZARD and more fun than all the seasons of that show put together. This also has more sex and more violence than that series ever had. Also, in the Good Ol Boy genre, there is one role that you never want and that’s the bumbling idiot deputy to the sheriff. Well Wes Bishop might very well be the best deputy in Good Ol Boy history, he’s the most evil goddamn sleazy deputy in history. He nearly steals the film from Warren Oates and that’s really saying something."

Then it was time… for an… Immense… Amount… of Trailers…

BLACK SHAMPOO – "He’s Bad, He’s Mean… He’s a Loving Machine! When He’s Mad, He’s Mean, He’s a KILLING MACHINE!!!" Oh yeah

VIGILANTE FORCE – Kris Kristofferson and Jan-Michael Vincent as Brothers?

CANNONBALL - Sigh… Too many in the audience haven’t been to all the QT fests, thus not knowing how much this Paul Bartel movie rules. Hell, it has Dick Miller and Kane from KUNG FU… what the hell… and more cars crashing than just about any movie in history!


WHITE LIGHTNING – A good ol boy night classic! "He never strikes twice because Once is Enough!"

LEADBELLY – This is a very good movie that few people have seen!

THE SILENT STRANGER – A gunfighter in the Orient… "When He Stops Talking… Start Running!"

MIXED COMPANY – Ok… this was just scary. Seemed like a situational comedy about a couple that adopt an Indian kid, an Asian Kid, A black kid that is good at basketball apparently… Scary trailer…

STRAIGHT TIME - Dustin Hoffman… Damn Fine Film

THE KLANSMAN – Another trailer that caused unrest in the audience… especially at the O.J. Simpson as GARTH credit.

DEATH RACE 2000 – As good as it ever gets!

BIG JAKE - Man, I love this film! "They Wanted Gold. They Gave Them Lead Instead!"

RED SUN – Oh man… I want to see this now! Like Shanghai Noon, but bad ass with Charles Bronson instead of Owen Wilson and Toshiro Mifune instead of Jackie Chan… and the girl is URSULA ANDRESS!!! I want to see this now!

PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID – Little seen Peckinpah gem.

McQ – Wayne as a cop! "Wayne On Wheels!"

ALLIGATOR – Ok, this is where I tell you that Robert Forster is here at the fest! And the Audience went nuts!!! "It lives 50 ft beneath the city. It’s 36 ft long. It weighs 2000 lbs and it’s about to Break Out!" YEA!!!

THE GIANT OF MARATHON – "See Underwater Swimmers Vs Fighting Ships!" Oh yeah!

WALKING TALL – After last year, I get chills watching this trailer!


THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN – Yippee!!! God I love this surreal flick! Ringo and Sellers! Awesome

ANGEL’S WILD WOMEN – "Beautiful Baby Beautiful"

THE FARMER – "In the tradition of THE DEER HUNTER and TAXI DRIVER comes THE FARMER!" Beware the pitchfork and the baling wire!

EVIL IN THE DEEP – "See It Before You Go Near The Water!" Obviously better than JAWS

GONE IN 60 SECONDS - No, not the shitty one!

JACKSON COUNTY JAIL – Ignorant folks in the audience laughed at the jail scene… heheh… Not if they had seen the movie!



ZORRO RIDES AGAIN – Ah, Classic Serial Trailer! This Serial Rules by the way!

BRANNIGAN - "Feeling a little low, fly high with us, Come see Brannigan" – John Wayne!

MOON RUNNERS – "THUNDER ROAD was only a practice run. This is the Real Thing!" Actually, no, THUNDER ROAD was the real thing!

THE DON IS DEAD – YEA! Another Robert Forster movie! And this time he stars with Anthony Quinn and Frederic "I’m Crazzzzzy" Forrest!!!

ROLLING THUNDER – This is coming up Friday on REVENGE NIGHT and I’ll finally see this movie… The trailer is scary as hell.

FRIDAY FOSTER – "Wham! Bam! Here Comes Pam!" What a goddess!

FISTS OF FURY – Bruce Lee… Oh man, I see this for the first time in YEARS on the big screen as part of Old School Kung Fu Saturday!!! Can’t Wait!

LATITUDE ZERO – classic! Though 10 to 1 the poster is better than the film.

CRAZY MAMA - "Blasted their way to Rock-n-Roll Heaven!"

BIG BAD MAMA - Angie!!!!! Kirk!!! A Truly Awesome Flick!

3 IN THE ATTIC – "Paxton Quigley’s Crime was Passion and his punishment FITS EXACTLY!"

TIDAL WAVE - Starring Captain Adama!

DETROIT 9000 - Another wonderful flick!

VAN NUYS BLVD – Not sure what to make of this trailer

DOLEMITE – "Bone-Crushing Skull-Splitting Brain-Blasting Action!" Don’t remake this Miramax!

ROADIE – "Bands make it Rock, But ROADIES make it Roll" I’ve got friends that were extras in this!

THE WARRIORS – "These are the Armies of the Night. They are 100,000 strong. They out number cops 5 to 1. They could rule New York. Tonight, They’re all out for The Warriors" Oh yeah baby, High Hats Rule!!! 2 TV spots shown.

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS – 4 different TV spots showcasing different campaign ideas, but my fave is, "From Deep Space The Seed Is Planted… Terror Grows!" Lean your head back, point your finger and do the ol hoarse scream baby! This remake (technically sequel) rules!

HELL UP IN HARLEM – Fred Williamson rules in this flick but the trailer says, "He May Never Get To Heaven, But He’s Raising Hell Up In Harlem!"

BLOW OUT – This is such a great film! "Murder Has A Sound All Its Own"

THE GREEN HORNET – which apparently stars Kato and Bruce Lee and doesn’t have Van Williams in it at all… ahem…

MAD MAX – "The Last Law In A World Gone Out Of Control. Pray That He’s Out There Somewhere!"

GALAXINA – Oh man, Dorothy Stratten is sooooo hot in this flick!

And now…. Finally… The First Movie Of The Evening Was… Remember?


Now this flick was just plain fun. Basically it is the story of a land grabbing mofo, that forces the authorities to close down all the stills producing good ol all American Moonshine, to make the locals lack enough money to make their mortgages, he buys up all the land, knowing Natural Gas is under there, and throws everyone off their own land.

Basically old time evil bastard stuff.

However, what makes this film rule is well… here…

Wes Bishop’s Deputy Frank is just an ignorant evil hump of a man. The sort of bastard that knows exactly how to fuck up every situation in the most evil way possible. However, he still seems to come across as just stupid and not EVIL. He just seems like a Good Ol Boy that was taught to take advantage of everything made available in life.

Warren Oates’ Mack… He’s the best and only friend in the world to Dixie and Patsy, the heroines of this here tale. In his prime he was a world class (at least in this county) dirt bike racer. He reminds me of the guy that used to work on my mother’s ranch back when I was in Junior High. Simple, hard lucked and easy going. He likes to work his ass off for chump change which he pours down his gullet nightly. Someone who can never get ahead, but is always helping others all around him… whenever he can. Oates rules!

Then Dixie and Patsy… They become bad girls on motorcycles with shotguns and dynamite… Robin Hoods of the backwoods. And when Dixie is in that wood outhouse style bathtub with the bubbles… She seems wetter and softer than just about anything ever.

And the ultimate revenge they take… well it is so much smarter than either of them could ever hope to be, but hell… It’s nice to pretend from time to time.

This is just a fun silly cool flick!

After the film, the audience was feeling pretty good. That was a fun good ol ‘girl’ flick and the chicks in the audience enjoyed the female empowerment… and especially the toilet scene… But it was moderate excitement. Nothing to jazzy, nothing unbelievably cool… BUT… well just hold on…


Quentin takes the stage and points out that BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH is actually something rather special. "You would think that black men kicking ass on the KKK would be a staple of the Blaxploitation genre, but you’d be wrong. Usually the Blaxploitation films explored the urban scene, leaving the Klan be. Now I remember watching this trailer during SOUL TRAIN when I was a kid, well the week that it came out anyway, and the part that always got me was when the black guys put on the Klan outfit to kick ass with the Klan."

Quentin called this a real jewel of "regional exploitation filmmaking." Now… That seemed to be a hedging of his bets… What the fuck is a jewel of regional exploitation filmmaking. The production values will probably suck ass. Oh well, I’m sure it has its kitschy value at some level…

Then he told us that the film was actually shot in Klan Territory, and that when you see recruitment signs for the Klan in the film… they were real signs from the area they were shooting.

Then Quentin gave a Stephen King quote that he finds apt for this film, that… well kinda frightened me. "You have to drink a lot of milk to enjoy crème… You have to drink some spoiled milk to appreciate milk."

Well that just seemed to signal the possible worst of it all…

More Trailers:

BAD GEORGIA ROAD – "They’re Making Time To The County Line!" Some high class dame inherits a moonshine operation… could be fun…

43 THE RICHARD PETTY STORY - I’m afraid of this one… looks possibly awful.

SUMMER SCHOOL TEACHERS – "Make a pass in their sex-ed class!" Where do I sign up?

PETS – I’ll let you find out about this movie on your own… "They groveled at his feet for a taste of the whip in his hand!"

THE LAST AMERICAN HERO – "I’ll rip his lip off and give it to you as a keyring!"

THE EXECUTIONER – "I’m a woman. I can’t be switched off all day then turned on for 10 minutes at night!"

MACHO CALLAHAN – Cool looking Civil War era western!

DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY – "There’s nothing they won’t try!" This movie rules and you so don’t know it!

THE CHEERLEADERS – Do you really need an incentive with this title?

KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE – Fistful of Yen is the greatest thing ever!

BABY BLUE MARINE – Possibly the suckiest looking movie I’ve ever heard of.

LUNCH WAGON – "Where the tastiest things aren’t on the Menu!"

SONNY & JED – "You’d call em gross, we say they’re wild!" An insane looking spaghetti western with Dirty Mary… sign me up!

THE LEGEND OF FRENCHIE KING – Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale are gunslinging femmes… What more do you need to know. For the record this was a double feature trailer with SONNY & JED!

SAVAGE! – "Men call him ‘SAVAGE’, women call him all the time!" This trailer kicks ass!

BLOOD ON THE SUN – No, not the Cagney flick, but a cool Chinese Kung Fu WWII flick about peasants vs Japanese soldiers. Looks cool as all hell!

THE BODYGUARD – way cool looking!

THE CYCLE SAVAGES – "With Bruce Dern, Mr Motorcycle Himself!!!!"

GOODBYE BRUCE LEE, HIS LAST GAME OF DEATH – Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bruce Li!!!

MEAN FRANK & CRAZY TONY – "They’re Mean, They’re Crazy And They Kill With A DRILL!!!"

SUPERFLY – obscure film I’ve never… ahem… heard of.

FURY OF THE BLACK BELT – well what do you think it’s about?

NOW… For the Last Feature Presentation of the Evening…


Ok, first off… I know you won’t believe me, but heh… This may very well be near my favorite Blaxploitation movie ever. My fave is COFFY, but BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH just rules!

It might just be a case of grossly exceeding expectations… Of delivering on every hope and prayer of a film with the concept of Blacks kicking the shit out the Klan theme and then going all the way with it.

The three lead heroes Roy Jefferson, Mike Bass and Larry Jones of the Washington Redskins are absolutely charismatic as all hell in this flick. Particularly Larry Jones with that busy moustache of his… He has such great lines as:

"Kill ya? We’re gonna set fire to this barn, but first we’re gonna nail your balls to the floor and hand you a razor blade… …then it’ll be Cut or Burn… hahaha… Cut or Burn… My bet is Burn!"

"Awwww, the motherfucker didn’t go in!"

And then:

"I feel like KING KONG"

To which his teammate responds, "Shit You Are KING KONG Nigger!"

However, my favorite line of the film goes to a white sheriff that tells an inbred racist dumbshit, "You Look Like A Goddamned Highway Fatality!"

This film is so freakin good. Far better than many of what are considered the classics of the genre. You can pick up a copy on Ebay, the tape seems out of print though… (There are 3 currently available!)

I can not highly recommend this movie enough if you are a fan of the Blaxploitation Genre. Whatever idiot posted that review on IMDB… No Soul! This movie plays like hell to an audience. That crowd was cheering like mad!

And the ending… Dear lord, you’ve never seen anything remotely this cool on screen before! Just… unexpected coolness around each and every corner! Must be seen! And must get a damn fine DVD treatment! This should be a classic of the genre!

Well that officially ended the evening, however a few folks stuck around after BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH for a special screening, not associated with the fest of TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS in 3-D… Which, while being a gorgeous print… watching that film from 1am to 3am… well… Surreal as hell!!!

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