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Another Quick Glimpse At K-PAX!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Talk about having a diverse year. Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon were the producers of this summer's TOMB RAIDER, and they're also the producers of K-PAX, the Kevin Spacey/Jeff Bridges vehicle that's coming out this Fall. This sounds much more like FIELD OF DREAMS, one of Gordon's earlier hits, which is a promising thing. Here's a quick look at the film from someone who saw a test screening recently...

K-Pax is an intriguing movie that causes you to think about the existence of live outside of our universe. The movie features Kevin Spacy, who plays a being from another planet named "Prot.” Towards the beginning of the movie Prot is mistaken for a criminal after he sees a lady get mugged in a train station and goes to help her. When the police question him he claims he is from another planet. Instantly he is taken to a mental hospital in New York. From there the plot begins to unfold. With each day in the hospital you learn more and more about Prot's home and his story becomes more and more believable. He is even able to cure some of the most mentally ill patients whom even the doctors could not help by claming that he will take one of them with him when he goes back to his home planet. From his sessions with the psychiatrist, you learn about Prot's connection to a New Mexico man whose family was brutally murdered. There were a few scenes in this 2 hour or so movie that seemed to drag on at certain points and the ending seemed to leave you overly confused, however overall I felt that this was a fairly good movie.

The movie really gets you thinking. Walking out of the theater you could tell that everyone was discussing what really happened in the end and if such a being could ever actually exist. When the movie is released I would see it if you have the chance, but I wouldn't rush out to see it on opening weekend.

Hope I didn't give away too much of the plot.

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