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Ridley Scott's BLACKHAWK DOWN's Trailer Here!

Well, Harry here... Is Ridley Scott set to be on a run of great films, or was GLADIATOR just a career spike? Ridley makes great film... and blah film. I'm hoping that BLACKHAWK DOWN it the former... Ridley's visual panache is second to nearly noone, but he is usually at the mercy of his scripts... and the BLACKHAWK DOWN draft I read was not all that it could have been... Let us hope that has changed...


Hostiles are in my LZ so i will be brief.

Here is a link to the trailer for BlackHawk Down.

Its hard. Its heavy. -- Ridley is pulling no punches my sources tell me. This is gonna not kick your ass... its gonna reach into your chest and shake your heart. It is TWO HOURS of Saving Private Ryan... But its our generation.

The trailer is small, and grainy.

NOTE: This guy is not who got the trailer first. It was obtained by some surly old veterans who thru nefarious means got ahold of it. Just for the record.

Sgt. Black


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