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Don Bluth unleashes details on feature length DRAGON'S LAIR

Hey folks, Harry here... Well I'm sitting here at home... watching Robert Wise's ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW and just delighting in discovering such a fantastic performance from Harry Belafonte... but right now... I decided to drop you the latest on the long rumored DRAGON'S LAIR feature flick... Sounds rather cool... Being someone that dropped probably $500 in quarters into that dang machine... well... I'm about 100% anxious to see this one douse a silver screen or two...

Hey harry, Xarph here. I just got back from the classic gaming expo 2001 in Las Vegas, NV. If you haven't heard, Don Bluth was there talking about Dragon's Lair. His current project, besides the new game Dragon's Lair 3D, is a feature-length Dragon's Lair animated film. He had storyboards of the film that unfortunately I didn't have a camera for, but many people did and I'm sure the storyboards will crop up soon.

The storyline of the Dragon's Lair movie is along the following lines - there are many more details I am leaving out because I wasn't expecting this and wasn't keeping notes:

A thief breaks into a castle to kidnap a prince. Unfortunately, at the same time, a coup is staged by a wizard and a dragon in exchange for an elixer that promises immortality. The thief is stuck in the castle with both the real prince as well as a decoy ringer, and in his escape, he forgets which is which. He still doesn't know for the next 16 years, and one of the boys will grow up to be a knight, and one will grow up not knowing he's a king. Or maybe the knight (Dirk the Daring) turns out to be royal - we don't know, but I imagine Bluth does.

Like I said, I was not expecting any of this presentation so I didn't have a camera nor a notepad with me, though I did immediately return to my hotel room and drop the above into my laptop, so that was written while it was fresh in my mind. Pictures of the storyboards do exist, it's just a matter of getting those that shot pictures to release them.


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