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X-MEN 2 tidbits

Hey folks, Harry here... Well if this tidbit be all the way true, then it looks like the possibility that those "human Sentinels" maybe a thing of the past... Because realistically... why would you need Magneto to fight "human Sentinels"? Otherwise this sounds like it could be one helluva cool chapter in the series... Especially if them Sentinels be huge metal and badass as hell!

Hey Harry,

Call me Thundarr. Wrote you once before but I guess maybe my tidbits weren't that fantastic. Anywho...

Perhaps you've heard this, perhaps not. X-MEN Pre-preproduction is underway here at Fox. Storylines have come down to the Sentinels threat and the emergence of the Legacy Virus. With the Sentinel's story, I've heard the X-men will break Magneto out of prison and thus, dooming them with the image of being outlaws.

As for the Legacy Virus, they have drawn parallels to the AIDS virus and the persecution and paranoia it first caused when it came onto the scene. Naturally, this leads to persecution and paranoia of mutants just as AIDS did for homosexuals back in the day.

Sounds good, don't they. But the Legacy story does run the risk of coming off too preachy. But what do I know? I only work here.

Demon Dogs!


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