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James Cameron's FORBIDDEN PLANET!!!

Well the James Cameron Roulette game keeps spinning 'round and 'round... I hear people are placing bets left and right, and this high stakes game keeps getting hotter and hotter. As you see on the site today I have news on TRUE LIES 2, as well as FORBIDDEN PLANET, which I must say I would vastly prefer for Cameron to do, but only if they dump that old terrible script that Kershner was gonna do... Here's a bit of confirmation, that I've had to hold a bit so that time, memories, would fade... Just remember folks...Eyes on the money....

I am working on a movie that is useing Stan Winston Studios for some effects. Stan was on the set so I asked him about a rumor I read about on your page. It was the one claiming that James Cameron's next movie was going to be a remake of Forbidden Planet.

Well, as soon as I mentioned it, he was amazed. He said that he had in fact just spoken to Cameron only days before about Forbidden in the PRIVACY of his own office. He was pretty impressed that it had gotten out so quickly. He went on to say that he and Cameron have had dozens of conversations about Forbiddden over the years (as it is a favorite movie of them both). He said that Cameron has not decided on his next movie and that at this point, Avatar, Planet of the Apes, T3 (yes, that's Terminator 3) as well as half a dozen others have as good a chance as Forbidden of being Cameron's next.

If you can use it,

Eyes on the money.

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