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E.T. Special Edition rumor...

Hey folks, Harry here... the following is unconfirmed, but I do know that ILM and Spielberg have been tweaking away on E.T. for a while now. One change that I've heard about from very trusted sources is that every GUN in the film is being removed... Now, when the agents are brandishing guns, you will see Walkie-Talkies.... This is horrifying to me. What kid killed someone based upon Government Agents brandishing guns? Please point to a single incident please. This isn't change for improving the story... Hell, this actually hurts it. All of a sudden, dramatic tension will not be what it once was... I hate this style of revisionist filmmaking. However, the bit below... if true... could be interesting. Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Hey Harry, happy Monday. First time sending you anything but I got a scoop from a friend who is doing some stuff at ILM. It's about the work they are doing on the re-release of E.T. and I don't know if it's good or bad....but this friend tells me that he was shown some AOTC stuff, and it should be said he's not a Star Wars fan at all, but he told me that it kicked major ass.....then he saw some work they were doing on revamping the F/X for E.T. and he reports that they are animating the face of our favorite little guy (E.T., not Henry Thomas) with CG. No joke! He wasn't sure if it was test work or if this is the path they have chosen but my pal was not sure how to take it. He said it looked good, very expressive and all but somehow unholy. I thought you should know about this as it kept me up all night chewing my blankets in fear that someone is tipping my holy cow. THIS IS NOT BULLSHIT!! MAY GOD STRIKE ME DOWN MINUTES BEFORE SEEING AOTC!! IT'S TRUE!!! OVER AND OUT - EROCK SKYWALKER

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