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Casting RUMOR about who would play Superman in the Wolfgang Petersen film WORLD'S FINEST

Hey folks, Harry here... Ok... Now I want to make this very clear... The following is an UNCONFIRMED RUMOR... But to lend a tad of validity to this rumor let me say that I've been hearing from multiple sources that the BATMAN YEAR ONE project is completely dead... That Warner Brothers is seeing this as the start of a larger franchise that would eventually give way to a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. I've heard this from about 3 different sources now... Having a director and writer attached in their announcement last week seems to indicate a desire to move quickly on this. Clooney is still signed for 2 more BATMAN movies. And they would want a name actor to place opposite him. All I know is if Travolta was going to do it... he'd have to work his ass off to get in a costume and drop his whole 'Aint I Cool' delivery. I just can't help but think that I would look at him and go... "Holy Shit, what's Barbarino doing in a Superman Costume?!?" But I think he is better than Cage, but not by much... Oh, Lord, Make a big wave...


Ok I know this story is going to sound crazy but well, I'm sending it in anyways. You can choose to believe it or not. I live in Daytona Beach, FL. Friday night I was sitting with my Girlfriend enjoying a nice Pizza dinner at our local Mom and Pop pizza palace. Now it's no secret that John Travolta has a house in Daytona. He also has so much land around it that he has a small airport behind his house. I have heard of Mr. Travolta and his family eating here before but was never lucky enough to catch him.

So anyways We are eating and behind me a family sits down. I had my back turned to them and with the way the booths are designed we couldn't see them. I didn't pay any attention to these people. UNTIL! A cell phone rings! I overheard a man with a soft voice talking about a Superman film. From what I could make of the conversation It was Travolta's AGENT ASKING HIM IF HE WAS INTERESTED IN PLAYING SUPERMAN!..John asked who was directing .. Then (excited) almost screamed WOLFGANG PETERSON!..Also from what I gathered George Clooney is going to be BATMAN!..John then said "I'll see you in L.A. on Tuesday morning".. Overall John seemed excited and it sounds like he wants the part (well from what I could tell sitting behind him)..I purposely made a restroom trip to see if this was indeed Mr. Saturday Night Fever.. And my friends it was!!!!

Travolta as SUPERMAN!,Clooney finally getting a good crack at the BAT! Wolfgang Peterson the director of the Best fantasy movie EVER! (Neverending story) Screw Year One, Batman Beyond, Dark knight, Triumphant .. This is the film we want!


Micky Deez Nuts

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