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Sequel to SCARFACE in the works'

Hey folks, Harry here. Remember how you thought SCARFACE ended with... well Scarface? Oh no, think again, seems that DePalma will continue the adventures with the son of Scarface... Sigh, we all wanted to see that movie right? Right? Well, let us all pray that THE SOURCE, the Rap magazine, is completely wrong about this. Or else someone may have to say hello to my little friend...

"I was reading in the September issue of the rap magazine "THE SOURCE" and came upon something interesting. It seems that Brian De Palma is making a sequel to SCARFACE, called SON OF TONY. It goes on to say that Michelle Pfeiffer is returning to her role as Tony's estranged wife/widow. Cuban Link, rapper from the group TERROR SQUAD will be playing Tony's Son. Hope this is a First!

Slick Nick"

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