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Clive Barker sends AICN his review of THE OTHERS & says, 'the best horror film I've seen in years!'

Hey folks, Harry here... Listen, when I tell you THE OTHERS is an exceptional classic in the history of horror films, maybe you'll begin believing. First we had Wes Craven write in. Now we have Clive Barker writing in... When's the last time you started seeing masters of horror rallying behind a film of which they have no connection? THE OTHERS is the best film of the summer. And Clive's review is dead on with every single statement. Saturday, I will get in my car and see this again, and I am in a severly screwed up physical state right now. This film is CLASSIC!!! Don't believe me? Read what Clive Barker has to say...

"The Others"

THE OTHERS is a quiet horror film; a film full of whispers and glimpses that possesses a truly exceptional power to disturb and terrify. The performances are WITHOUT EXCEPTION superb, pitch perfect. The photography evokes an elegant world of dread that has not been created on screen since the days of the original version of THE HAUNTING, or ROSEMARY'S BABY. The music, which was composed by the director, Alejandro Amenabar, is a masterpiece of tonal perfection. And finally the story, with its interweaving of subtle mind-games and moments of stark terror, has an beauty in its structure and a gut-wrenching force in its finale, that makes this an undisputed classic of gothic horror film-making.

In the midst of a season of disappointments, THE OTHERS is THE film of the summer; a stunning horror film of the highest caliber, a movie that will be used for years to come as a benchmark of excellence.

Terrifying, subtle and totally unpredictable, THE OTHERS is the best horror film I've seen in years.

-- Clive Barker

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