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UPDATE!!! Ewan and Nicole Chime In On ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

Dave here, all right, this is probably overkill. I probably should let this die quickly, but I just saw and digitized a wonderful clip on CNN, wherein Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman express, in perfect form, how everyone should feel about the title of the latest Star Wars flick.

Clips like these are constant reassurance that Ewan and Nicole are two of the very few level-headed, sane people in an industry gone mad. Just good folks. Hooray for good people! Nicole's reaction sums up my own feelings perfectly.

It's a small clip, anyway, 1.7MB, so even you slackers with phone modems can check it out. Of course, you're going to need QuickTime.

Click here to enjoy Nicole Kidman's perfect reaction to "Attack of the Clones".

-Dave Alvarado, El Cosmico


ROBOGEEK here with a brief update... has a report today on how the title "has been almost universally roasted within the film industry and by film journalists"... and quotes Ewan MacGregor, who (when "buttonholed by reporters at the Hollywood Film Festival") apparently went on record saying it's "a terrible, terrible title." Rock on, Ewan!

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