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Director Wes Craven Takes In Amen

Hey folks, Harry here... Wow, first Christopher McQuarrie, now Wes Craven writing from his vacation with a few choice words on THE OTHERS! In confirming that indeed this came from the current King of Horror, Wes tells me that he has scripts for both DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE and FOUNTAIN SOCIETY coming in around the end of this month, and might do either, but after that it looks like he'll do that remake of WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY. I'm dying to see THE OTHERS now, especially after what Wes has to say... After all, he knows his horror, right? Well, I see this one in about four hours! Can't wait!!!

Harry -

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents about THE OTHERS, since I had the chance to see it at a small screening recently. I went with my daughter and her new husband. They were out for a visit and didn't know a thing about the movie. We all found it fun and creepy, and there were at least two places where my new son-in-law levitated out of his chair in terror. I found it refreshingly baroque, creepy and old-fashionedly scary, and even found myself envying the sets and cast (thinking as a director). Kidman was wonderfully strange and complex, and I thought the kids pulled off their roles with a delicious sense of malice and vulnerability. I'd highly recommend for those seeking a good date movie, or a chance to scream and wish they'd brought their mag-lite!

Wes Craven

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