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Well, we've all heard about the rumor that George Romero is going to make a Resident Evil film, well Crash15 while trying to figure out how to cheat on his Playstation games read quite a bit about RESIDENT EVIL: THE MOVIE in Playstation Magazine. Man, this stuff sounds pretty cool. One can only hope that Tom "make mine wet" Savini and say someone like Rob "I like neck wounds" Bottin can work on this project. That they make the hardest gorefest film in ages, and that Romero can get back to his Dawn of the Dead coolness and surpass it. Well... one can wish can't they? Here ya go....

Hey, Crash15 here with some news I just found out from reading Playstation Magazine ("PSM"). It is about the upcoming Resident Evil Movie. Here's the article straight from the magazine: "After reading last month's article on videogame movies in this very section, a PSM fan invloved with the Resident Evil movie has leaked a copy of the script into our eager hands. The version of the script that we got may have not been the final shooting version, but it is one of the later revisions.

The story is written by Alan McElroy, the same guy who wrote the Spawn movie. While it's definitely not the greatest screenplay ever written, it does manage to capture the feel of the game quite well, and may turn out to be a pretty good movie--especially for action and horror buffs. WARNING: If you don't want us to spoil what happens, DO NOT read any further. But if you're big Resident Evil fans like us, you just have to know what the movie's going to be like!

It all starts off with a disturbance in the Raccoon Forest, where strange animals are mutilating campers and park rangers. A SWAT team is sent in and is quickly destroyed by the mysterious creatures in the forest. At this point, the government gets involved. It recruits Wesker (who is in an asylum for some reason that is never explained) to break into a lab in the forest, presumably, to rescue some scientists there. Wesker recruits his team members based on their specialties: Barry Burton is the all-around military expert who has retired and now runs a restautant, Chris Redfield is the expert at combat, Jill Valentine is a munitions expert, and Brad Vickers is the Medic. Unknown to the rest of the team, however, is that Brad is actually and imposter named Mike--he is trying to find his girlfriend Becky, who was on the original SWAT team sent into Raccoon Forest.

The team sets down in Raccoon forest and is almost immediately attacked by wild mutated dogs. They make a run for the lab/mansion in the middle of the forest and just barely make it there alive. They all get inside of the mansion, and that's where things really heat up. They confront more of the dogs, along with giant wasps, tarantulas, and of course, zombies. It's all-out tension and action as the group keeps losing members to each new threat, amd ammo runs lower and lower.

Eventually they find the scientist they are supposed to rescue, and it turns out that this whole situation was an insidious trap. They were to be infected wiht the T-virus and then allowed to escape, to spread the virus to the world. Jill and Chris (the only ones left) get a h old of the antidote and escape from the building just as it is exploding, only to be pursued by the Tyrant (who actually turns out to be a mutated Wesker). They finally fight off the Tyrant, take the antidote, and walk off into the sunset.

The film's current form is ultra violent. It will be interesting to see whether it's toned down for a PG-13 rating, or if the director just goes all-out for an "R". It is also interesting to note that no mention is made of either the S.T.A.R.S. team or Umbrella Corp. But overall, the screenplay is a good basis for a potentially great movie, and we can't wait to see how it turns out."

This is the article word for word from PSM, and here is some sidenotes that they also included:

"Memorable Scenes"-Team members sneak their way across a room filled with corpses that might be zombies

A giant spider corners the team when they run out of ammo, with the zombies about to burst in

Team members get trapped in a service elevator, where they are surrounded by mutated hornets

And what Resident Evil movie would be complete without a Jill Valentine shower scene

That's about it, all thanks should go to "PSM" for printing this article. (But hey, I need some props for taking some time from my extremely busy schedule (sure...) to copy it and send it to you

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