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More Juicy BUFFY Bits - From the Mouth of Spike!!

I am – Hercules!!

Don’t know what Gen Con is, don’t know where they keep it, don’t know what it deals with. All Herc knows is Spike’s alter ego was on hand, and he was talking Buffyverse!! Here’s the fabulous “Avalon’s Daughter” with the straight scoop:

Hey here's some Buffy updates fresh from Gen Con out of the mouth of the very lovely James Marsters.

He got in late to the con because of filming. They are curently filming Part 2 of the Two Hour Premiere. The scenes he was filming had to do with him being chased on a motorcycle.

He indicated that his character will be a "wet puppy" for the first part of the season over his guilt of failing Buffy.

On the Watcher's series James had to say this- He is very intrested in being in it. Joss is very excited about it. It is an almost sure thing that he will be in it as a guest and not a cast member. Keep your fingers crossed. James said he will continue to be in the Buffy universe as long as they will have him.

Joss is curently compossing songs for a muscial Buffy. He confirmed that the motor gang is not the Big Bad- this season's Big Bad has not "really" shown up yet. He would/could not comment on Willow being such.

James hopes the chip will come out of his head so that the character can fully make a descion on being part of the Scooby Gang.

He said Buffy's return is really spectacular and nothing like we imagine.

He also commented on the animated series. The regulars will voice it as long as they don't "suck". He feels someone else should voice his since he has trouble emoting all his "Spike-ness" via his voice. But he will continue to work at it.

From what he said it pretty much confirms your spoilers- Good Job Herc!

Call me Avalon's Daughter.

I promised a new friend (who has also read the two-hour premiere) that with my next “Buffy” post I would point out (as I did in the last “Buffy” talkback) that Buffy’s resurrection is not easy -- and the Urn of Osiris is not the only component that serves to resurrect the slayer. Before the resurrection is attempted, Willow will have to do something that goes very, very contrary to Willow's nature. She does something that tears her up inside, but she does it and does it bravely because her best friend's life is on the line.

You can find Herc spoilers for the two-hour sixth-season “Buffy” premiere here and for a few more future episodes here.

I remind you not to defy me!!

I am – Hercules!!

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