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Hey folks, Harry here. Well, SIDESHOW TOYS has contacted me about running a bit of an on-going contest here for you good folks. We'll be doing these contests for quite some time, and I figured I'd do something a little bit different this time, on account of the marvelous sculpting and high quality of the giveaways.

What is the GiveAway?

Well, this month (Ends September 1st) the prizes are SideShow and Weta's wondrous FRODO BAGGINS Statue, PIPPIN TOOK Bust and the MORIA ORC SWORDSMAN Bust!!!

Ok, well this time you're gonna have to be artistic to win. Below you will find a series of spy names, some with links to their images. The way to win is to either sculpt or customize an action figure, bust or sculpt of whichever AICN spy you choose to make. If we have an image link below, try to get as close as you can to the way it looks, but feel free to pose the character, however you like. Remember though, making a Harry Toy does not guarantee a win. There are many spies to choose from, choose the one you like most! To win one of these three, you must send your sculpt to the AICN P.O. BOX Listed Below by September 1st. It can be made out of plastic, wood, sculpty, paper-mache, rubber... whatever keeps. The top winner will get his/her pick of the above three, the 2nd place winner gets his/her pick, and 3rd place gets... the other one.

Now, if your sculpt does not win this contest, it is automatically entered into the next giveaway contest, and so on and so on. Now how could you win the entire line of LORD OF THE RINGS Busts and Sculpts? Well, it is probably not going to happen, but you can win multiple times with multiple entries, but they must be a different character, and you have better be really really good cause, well... There are A LOT OF YOU that are talented as all hell! And yes you can win no matter where in the world you send from, just be aware of shipping time and deadlines, of course if it comes in late, it'll just be submitted for the following contest for the month of September!

Now, when you send your entry be sure you've got it packed safely! And include your shipping home address, so I can give it to SIDESHOW when YOU WIN!!!

Ok, let's say you can't sculpt but you want to win something. You're desperate to win something cool, right? Well, this month only I have 3 SIDESHOW TOYS Silent Monster Figures. Which Ones? THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Lon Chaney's Vampire from LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT and Max Shreck From NOSFERATU!!! Now what do you have to do to win them? Now, HOW DO YOU WIN?

You see the corner animation on the site? If you do the best corner animation of Harry as one of the various silent horrors listed above, then you win the figure from the film you create in. Now the animation, which must be at least 10 frames but under 40, has to be the same physical size as the animation that is currently up there, and try to be funny! Yes, this means you can kill Harry, stab a stake through Harry's chest, whatever... Let your mind have fun. Also, when you send in your entry via email, include your shipping address in case you win. The Winners will be displayed on the next CONTEST PAGE with credit and links to their email address (if you so desire)!!!

And now, for the Spy Characters you have to choose from: Annette Kellerman, Father Geek, Harry, Harry Lime, Hercules The Strong, Edgard, El Cosmico, Elston Gunn, Cartuna, Capone, Claire Standish, Coffin Joe, Johnny Wad, John Robie, Peter Blood, Mysterio, Moriarty, Mongo, KublaKhan, Lynn Bracken, Lobo, Junior Mintz, Quint, Seque Zagnut, Sister Satan, Harry In Tigger Disguise With Playboy Bunnies and Tom Joad!!!! And now for the characters that have never even been drawn! Massawyrm, ROBOGEEK, Dr Sotha - the witchdoctor, Dorothy Parker, Alexandra DuPont, Mr Beaks, N.Y. Kitten, Gregor Samsa, Ruby Keeler, Sir Etch-A-Sketch, Jim Hill, Kiowa Scout, Patch, Joe Hallenbeck or any other spy that you can provide a URL to a story they've contributed!!! Remember, this must be custom made, no pre-buys, and have Fun!!!

So ya don't want to mess with the goofy contest? Well buy your own statues, busts and figures from the wondrous SIDESHOW TOYS and hop to it! We should be continuing a long line of SideShow Giveaways from here on out!!!! So Stay Tuned For Your Favorite Giveaways!!!!

Attention: Harry Knowles
P.O. BOX 180011
Austin, Texas 78718-0011

and for the 3 Silent characters, send your animation to Harry@AintItCool.Com

Hurry, September 1st is your first Deadline!!!

"to obtain information on an international distributor located closest to you please contact Sideshow sales at Sales@SideShowToy.Com"

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