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Hey folks, Dave with just a reminder here, in case you're not aware, tomorrow evening on Encore Action, a pretty darn good anime series will be showing. It's called BUBBLEGUM CRISIS 2040.

I've mentioned the DVDs here before, they're well done, and available from ADV Films, and I'm pleased to own them all. Still, there's something special about seeing a really good anime title like this broadcast on television.

I'm sure they'll be showing the English dub, which actually isn't that bad at all. It's got some problems, and Japanese is better, but the English dub is very watchable.

Anyway, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS 2040 is essentially a re-done, expanded version of the original Bubblegum Crisis series, released in the 80s, and available on DVD from AnimEigo. The original series is regarded as an essential and excellent work of anime from the period before computer aided animation took hold. To this day, it's my third favourite anime series, right behind Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion, which are one and two respectively.

BUBBLEGUM CRISIS 2040 re-does the character and environmental designs, modernizes them, throws in the help of computers, and in doing so, is a really slick and cool series in and of itself. It takes the story line of the original series, makes it more linear, and makes it longer and more complete. At least, in terms of story arc. In other ways, it's not as good as the original, which to me, in providing numerous, if non-linear snapshots of the characters and action, is more compelling and just generally cooler. Also, the 2040 series gets a bit slow about halfway through, I think, and the original NEVER got slow. Of course, it was also much shorter.

There's no Largo in 2040 either, for those of you who have seen the original. Too bad, in my opinion, because that was my favourite episode. In any case, I think BUBBLEGUM CRISIS 2040 is worth catching, whether you're an anime fan or not, and whether you've seen the original or not. It's well-done anime, albeit with some problems and trade-offs, and I think a lot of you will find it engaging and interesting.

Here's the word from ADV's website:


Get ready for some of the most explosive, groundbreaking Japanese animation to ever appear on television! Starting on August 4th, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 will be making its North American broadcast debut on Encore Action! BGC 2040 joins the ranks of Blue Seed, Gunsmith Cats, Queen Emeraldas, Sol Bianca, Blood Reign, Tekken and Sonic on what is considered the hottest anime-sporting Premium Network on television!

However Encore Action isn't the only place where you can catch some of ADV's finest on television, KTEH in the San-Franciso/Bay Area showcases Sakura Wars, Ruin Explorers, Dirty Pair Flash and the mega-hit Neon Genesis Evangelion! These widely renowned anime titles are hot commodities on the KTEH PBS station, and with a little effort, maybe a few more PBS stations will pick up on this growing-trend.

Indeed. So, do right by yourself and tune in tomorrow. Or, at least have your TV-saving robot do it for you.

Oh, and what's it about, you ask? Sexy women in mecha-suits fighting runaway mad robots.

-Dave Alvarado, El Cosmico

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