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ROLLERBALL to be gutted to PG-13 and released Feb. 8th!

Hey folks, Harry here... MGM issued a press release that is being regurgitated by the trades to tell us that ROLLERBALL will be PG-13 and that the film will hit February 8th, 2002. The reason for the delay is to... ahem... construct an adequate and appropriate ad campaign for the film.

OK folks, now having seen an early version of this film, I can tell you quite frankly that MGM is going to cut out your Rebecca Romijn-Stamos nudity (including the full frontal scenes), they'll be cutting out nearly all the gore and heavy violence, and what you will be left with could very well be one of the worst mainstream films made. Cutting this to PG-13 is horrendous.

Also, I've heard the big brains at MGM don't like the 'Asian' feel for the film (one of the only cool things in the film) and I've heard they are cutting it down quite a bit. This would be like if an exec told James Cameron to cut down on the whole 'ocean' thing. Sigh.

Personally, McT will hopefully just move on now. This flick hit an iceberg long ago in the script stage. Oh, nice attempt at spin, luckily the mainstream press doesn't question the studios. Sigh...


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