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Take a look at the cast of GOONIES 2!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. As we've all heard recently, Richard Donner has formally announced that they have a script for GOONIES 2 that they are working on... and that they hope to shoot the sequel later this year, with "Everyone Coming Back" This, of course, refers to the Goonies themselves. Ma Fratelli has passed on, and there is no word if the Fratelli Brothers are involved in this new Goonie Adventure. But below is a photograph taken this year of the entire Goonie group as they look today... Everybody is looking good... Personally I find it amazingly warming to see a grown-up Short Round! Here ya go...

Word up, Harry.

Some Dude is here with a tagnut of info regarding the upcoming Goonies sequel. Well, not info really, just a pic from a friend of a friend of a friend. Check out the chin on Chunk! Nothing better than seeing a fat dude get skinny.

Does anyone else doubt that this flick can be as good as the REAL Goonies 2 for the acclaimed Nintendo Entertainment System? I bet it won't have a mermaid or Ma Fratelli.


Some Dude.

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