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Vin Diesel In TERMINATOR 3!!! Confirmed!!!

Hey folks, Harry here.... Well, most friends I talk to seem to feel that Vin Diesel is destined to be our next major domestic Action God (though from what I hear in Mexico... Johnny Depp may be set for Action God-dom). Now... here's the situation, the pre-Jonathon Mostow attached as director script sucked... However, I really really like and have faith in Mostow... BUT... I hope he has the sense to have Vin Diesel defeat the hell out of the Arnie model... Vin needs to be ruthless deadly and kill characters we care about and have an attachment for. Ultimately John Connor should defeat the evil Terminator... It should be in Furlong's hands... That's my take anyways... Linda should die... Furlong should live and get that badass scar across his face! Well, that's my take.

I've just heard Vin Deisel talking on (UK) Century Radio. Apart from talking about films & TV he talked about his role as the T-1G in Terminator 3. He went on to say that the Terminator franchise is fantastic and he can't wait to be in the same films as his hero Arnie. What was interesting was his genuine delight at the script, he said it was just phenomenal and that he loves the playing the Bad Ass. Finally he said that Jonothan Mostow would be the director (you knew that) and that the kid who played the destined leader John Connor in T2 would also return, that was about it.

I personally loved the first two films, especially T1. Ever since T2 I have hoped for T3, but only with Jim Cameron directing, and Linda Hamilton showing up. That's not going to happen now...but hey we all get to see Vin Deisel beat the crap out of Arnie...a passing of the torch if you will ;)

Sorry I can't give you a complete transcript but I was listening and now typing.

all the best

from JC.

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