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Aardman's TORTOISE AND THE HARE halted!!!

Hey folks Harry here.... seems that Aardman Animation ran into some story problems of some sort on TORTOISE AND THE HARE, putting the project into the halted category.... However, is it possible that the Wallace and Gromit feature will now be fast tracked... and is that a good thing? Wouldn't we want it to be crafted everybit as slowly as Nick Park wants it to be? We'll see... Here ya go... I'm bummed, TORTOISE AND THE HARE was set to be absolutely interesting from what little details were leaking. Sigh....

Yes Harry, It's meltdown time on the latest Aardman/Dreamwork's feature The Tortoise and The Hare.

Production was formally halted on Tuesday 3rd July for an indefinate period and around 150 people, many in tears were laid off from the studios. It seems that Aardman jumped the gun and moved into production before serious script issues had been resolved. Yours truly having been slipped several drafts can see why.....this was an unholy mess of a film and it's amazing that it even got as far as it did.

The alarm bells should have started ringing months ago when various voice talent came and went and intricate sets were being built and then promptly trashed without being filmed. What a waste !

Anyway, Aardman have lost a lot of credibiltity and the nagging question mark hanging over the company as to whether anyone there other than Nick Park (remember Tortoise and The Hare was being directed by Richard Goleszowski and Peter Lord) can handle a major feature film like this remains....

Word has it that Nick is now fast tracking the Wallce and Gromit feature with the likelihood that Tortoise may just fade away into the ether.


Gromit !

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