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The AICN Anime Report: Robotech; White Rain; Parasyte; Gundam; Final Fantasy; Sen; Sakura Wars; Dragonball; Akira

Well, its that time of the week again and ol' Father Geek is back with Scott Green to present you with another info filled AICN Anime Report, buuut first this item that just flew across Father Geek's desk here in Austin...

Good Morning Friends,

It's that time of year, no... not just for the Beach, bikini's and BBQ buns, but for the Bodacious Summer Anime and Manga Conventions! Yes sir-ee, TOKYOPOP is coming large and in charge, in full effect, at "Anime-Expo-2001," this July 5, 6, 7, 8!

I'd like to briefly inform you of what fun activities, information and happenings that will take place for these 4 "ANI-MANG-E-OUS" days. TOKYOPOP will be more than noticed, in our state of the art, property based, 16 ft. "Tower of Power!" Our station will encompass a 400 sq. ft. of fenced linked walls, latticed and with straight unadulterated, TOKYOPOP - "ANIME, MANGA, SOUNDTRAX & FMW," character-base entertainment, sprawled across each & every inch!

Throughout the day, we will show sneak peeks of branded TOKYOPOP titles that will circulate on 2 overlooking television sets. Then test your knowledge of Anime, Manga, Soundtrax and FMW to the amalgamation of fun games set to be played throughout the day for awesome TOKYOPOP Branded Prizes! Not far from our main station, will be our TOKYOPOP Shop! Yes, this is your big opportunity to purchase the latest TOKYOPOP and most popular Asian genre' products from J-POP tunes, and funky gear to statues and kits!

But we're not done with you yet...join us on Saturday, July 8th, at 10 AM in Room: # LP3, to listen in on our panel, where the TOKYOPOP Crew will engage you in a preview of the up and coming TOKYOPOP releases, complete with a question and answer session! Additionally, interviews will be given after this panel session, and appointments, given throughout the day. Now at this time, I'd like to invite you to make an appointment time &/or set up an interview with us! (See contact below). We'd love to see you there!

I hope that I've created as much excitement for you, as we feel right now, about ANIME-EXPO and the future of TOKYOPOP! We hope that you will join us for a great time!

Love 'n' Anime,


What: Anime Expo 2001

When: July 5-8, 2001

Where: Long Beach Convention Center

Why: Find out about the latest TOKYOPOP projects!!

* General Information on Anime Expo, click on this link: me+Expo&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eanime%2Dexpo%2Eorg&frameid=1&providerid=262&u id=17373314

For interviews &/or appointments times @ Anime Expo 2001, please contact on/or before July 3:

Matt Galgani-VP of Marketing;; (323) 692-6713

Father Geek back again... Boy that sounds like "Anime Heaven"... loads of fun stuff to see and do... You should try to make it if you can... If Harry, Quint and I were not already set to appear at the "ConVergence" fest up in wonderful Minn./St. Paul at that time we'd be there with bells on, but alas we'll be having plenty of fun up in the north country anyway... Now on the the regular report...

Right Stuf September Releases

The first three episode volume of Boogiepop Phantom will be released on bilingual DVD ($29.95), and dubed VHS ($19.98) on September 25th. Graphic of cover is located at here Boogiepop Phantom was part of anime's incursion into late night TV in Japan. The series odd suspense plot, and experimental animation is a departure from director Watanabe Takashi, best known for the fantasy action comedy Slayers.

The third and final DVD volume of the Captain Tylor OAV "From Here To Eternity" will be released on 9/15 . Graphic of cover is located at here

The Captain Tylor OAV will also be released in a collected editor for $89.95 will all three volumes in a case. Graphic of DVD is located at here

The third , two episode volume of the Yamamoto Yohko, Starship Girl OAV, "All's Fair in Love and War" will be released on dubbed VHS ($19.98) Graphic of cover is located at here

Captain Tylor is a sci-fi comedy about a slacker, who through his phenomenal luck defuses a hostage situation ends up the captain of a military star ship in the middle of a conflict between humans and an alien race. The OAV follows a 26 episode TV series, also released by Right Stuf. The OAV takes place after the main conflict and focuses on individual character's in Tylor's eclectic crew.

The six episode Yamamoto Yohko, Starship will be released on a bilingual DVD collection ($39.95), and the three VHS volumes will be released in a set for $39.95 Graphic of cover is located at here

Yamamoto Yohko is another science fiction comedy. Yohko is a modern school girl and prodigy at everything she tries who is recruited with her friends to pilots war ships in the future. Its an amusing parody of the highschool student getting thrown into fantastic situation plot that is overused by anime.

Licensing rumors?

Anime on DVD reports that according to the web site of the Anime Expo's site Pioneer is the group behind bringing over the Ah! My Goddess! the Movie to the convention, along with Akira and Tenchi Muyo in Love. This makes sense considering Pioneer's relationship with the movie's producer's AIC (who have been responsible for Tenchi Muyo, and El Hazard in the past. Pioneer has not been behind all domestic AIC releases, but they have been behind many.) Bandai is bringing out overly cute Cyberteam in Akihabara, which was rumored a year and a half ago along with Crest of the Stars and Fancy Lala. If the Goddess movie does pan out, rumor with that movie indicated that the Mini-Goddesses series' license was tied to the acquisition of the movie, so there's a slim chance that Pioneer may have gained that as well. Mini-Goddesses's is a series of 15 minute shorts featuring super deformed (big head, small bodies) version of the Goddess Belldandy, Urd and Skuld.

Ah! My Goddess (or Oh! My Goddess, as it is officially translated to) is a romantic comedy about a college student, Keiichi, who if left alone to look after his dorm, and while attempting to order food accidentally summons Belldandy, a goddess from the Goddess Helpline. When she asks him what wish he would like granted he assumes it's a put on by his housemates and wishes she would be his girlfriend. When his housemates return they find the two together, and banishes them for breaking the rule against women in the dorm. After moving into an abandoned temple they are join by Belldandy's older sister, the sultry trickster goddess Urd, her younger sister, the technology geek, emotionally immature Skuldo, and Keiichi's younger sister Megumi. The six episode OAV series has been released by AnimEigo. The manga series is being released by Dark Horse comics.

Utena Movie DVD Features

After having problems obtain television series episodes of Revolution Girl Utena Central Park Media has gone after releasing the movie with a vengeance. Central Park Media has posted a list of features for their upcoming release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie DVD on Anime on DVD's forum, which includes:

Anamorphic widescreen (Whether they can make it progressive or not is up to the authoring house); Ikuhara's running commentary track with English subtitles; Behind-the-scenes video (Featuring Ikuhara supervising the dubbing in NYC, footage of voice actors Rachael Lillis, Sharon Becker and Mandy Bonhomme); Japanese TV spots; Japanese trailers; US teaser & trailer; Kobayashi's art boards w/ Ikuhara's commentary; Character sketches w/ Ikuhara's commentary; Fan tribute (Fan art and cosplay contest winners!); Trivia quiz ; Clean, untouched video (no overlays or hard subs); Removable song & sign translations (for the dub); Sub track with Romanji song lyrics

DVD rom features include:

Art Gallery; List of fan submissions; Director's commentary script; Complete English dub script (written by Ikuhara's hand-picked translator) World premiere of the English Language dub will happen at Big Apple Anime Fest in New York City this Halloween. Featuring appearances by Kunihiko Ikuhara, Rachael Lillis, Crispin Freeman and Mandy Bonhomme. (

The Utena movie is a retelling of the Utena television series and manga series. The first 14 episode story of the television has been released by CPM, and the manga series is being released in Viz's Animerica Extra.

Utena is the tale of a girl whose parent's died when she was young. She is comforted by a prince who gives her a ring with a rose crest. The girl becomes determined to become a prince herself. She enters a surreal school which is depicted as a floating city in the movie) where a select group of students duel for possession of a girl known as the rose bride. Being a shoujo (girl's, as opposed to shounen, boy's) feature, the movie focuses more on relationships, which are very non-traditional in this feature, than the duel swordfights. Which isn't to say that the sword fights are not brilliantly depicted. The movie is very unique, with an ending that would stand out in any medium.

With a production staff of Kunihiko Ikuhara as director (director of the Sailor Moon R movie, Sailor Moon TV series through 1996, and Utena tv series), Shinya Hasegawa as character designer (key animation supervision or Evangelion and Sailor Moon, filmography for Sailor Moon, Evangelion and Evangelion movies), and music by J.A. Seazer, the movie is expectedly, bewilderingly unique.

Boogiepop DVD

The Right Stuf's releases of Boogiepop Phantom will follow the schedule:

  • Boogiepop Phantom Vol #1 on 09/25/01
  • Boogiepop Phantom Vol #2 on 10/30/01
  • Boogiepop Phantom Vol #3 on 11/27/01
  • Boogiepop PhantomVol #4 on 01/29/02
  • Boogiepop Phantom Box Set of all 4 on 1/29/02

All four volumes list for 29.95$ and have a running time of 90 minutes. The box set, due on the day of the final volume, lists for 99.95$. This is an very good way to market the show, showing both individual and box set release dates, and the box set having a lower price than the combined by about 20$. No word yet on the extras or what the box itself may contain, but even if it's nothing but the box, the 20$ savings is definitely worth waiting for the more cost conscious fan.

The Japanese soundtrack will feature the original AC-3 DD 2.0 (stereo) while the English version will be available in both the AC-3 DD 2.0 (stereo) and the new DD 5.1 version.

Akira delay?

Many retailers are now reporting the September 25th release date for the Akira special edition DVD (with and without the tin) .

Kia Asamiya Covers Titan Comics

According to Fan Boy Inc's C.B. Cebulski manga (comic) artist Kia Asamiya, whose works include Nadesico, Silent Mobius, Dark Angel, Steam Detectives, the manga adaptation of Star Wars: Episode One, and many others will be producing four covers for DC comic's The Titans. He's currently scheduled to do covers for issue #s 32-33 and #s 35-36. Issue 34 will be part of a company crossover. Comics Newsarama has a cover at here.

DC is still deciding on format, price and scheduling for a U.S. edition of Asamiya's b&w, 400-page Batman manga story Child of Dreams. The story in currently being collected into two 200-page collected editions in Japan by publisher Tankobon.

Kia Asamiya's work, especially his character design and faces are very distinctive. Some manga fans greatly enjoy his work, others dislike it, and for some (such as myself) it is an acquired taste.

Mamoru Oshiii Interview

Akadot has interviewed Jin Roh's Mamoru Oshii about the movie at gere

The NY Times has reviewed Jin Roh at here Jin Roh is a tale about fascism set to Little Red Riding hood.

Blue Gender Underway

FUNimation is progressing in their work on Blue Gender. The company has announced that they have cast 2 of the main characters. Eric Johnson will be playing the voice of Yuji, who is the star of Blue Gender Johnson. DBZ fans might recognize Johnson as the voice of Trunks. Laura Bailey, who plays the voice of young Trunks in DBZ, has been cast as Marlene, the female lead in the series.

Blue Gender is a character driven series about a man cryogenically frozen who wakes up to find humanity finding for their survival against giant insects. Those who have seen the series report that its character drama and quality animation set it apart from other bug hunt/mecha series. No word yet on when FUNimation is expecting to release Blue Gender.

Interesting Animation Project

From "Captain Harlock": I was recently at an anime convention in Dallas and got to see

Jeff Willerth who played Kosh on Babylon 5. He said he was in the middle of putting together a sci-fi anime with voices provided by members of Babylon 5 as well as a few other sci-fi shows. I guess it's going to be based on a book called Genesis Factor which comes out in the near future. For movie information see

Response to Toonami Rumors

CNX: Toonami Revolution has spoken with Cartoon Network reprsentatives about the validity of several rumor about Cartoon Network's Toonami block. Anime On TV posted a message assumingly from the network talking about a possible Sailor Stars premiere on Friday, July 27. Of course, that was untrue. CNX Toonami Revolution's Toonami source, gave them the real scoop:

There isn't any truth to this. We have not received any new episodes of a Sailor Stars series, the fifth and final season of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and/or the Sailor Stars series will not be joining the Toonami line-up July 27th or anytime in the near future. It would have been interesting to see how Sailor Stars was translated. Three of the series' characters are males who transform into females, one of which has an attack called "star gentle uterus".

They also confirmed that Gundam premieres in July:

Cartoon Network will add two new series to the Toonami programming block in July. Mobile Suit Gundam will premiere at 5 p.m. (ET, PT) during the afternoon action-adventure block on July 23 and later that night, 08th MS Team will premiere at 12 midnight (ET, PT), July 24, during Toonami Midnight Run.

Mobile Suit Gundam takes place in the year Universal Century 0079 while the Earth Federation and its space colonies are engaged in an apocalyptic war. The rebellious Principality of Zeon, using humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits, has all but vanquished the Federation. Now the Federation's last hope is the prototype mobile, mechanized battle-armor Gundam. When a twist of fate makes young civilian Amuro Ray the Gundam's pilot - his own battle begins - a struggle not only for the Federation's survival, but for his own.

08th MS Team (October U.C. 0079 - January U.C. 0080) Federation Lt. Shiro Amada is transferred from the Space Unit to the Ground Unit, where he ends up leading the 08th MS team, a troubled group full of misfits and rogues. The Zeon Secret Weapon Development Unit has a base close to the 08th MS Team's station. Aina Saharin, a female pilot, is the test pilot of this threatening secret. She and Shiro have met before, when they were both adrift alone in space.

Unfortunately Dragon Ball has been delayed:

Also wanted to let you know that Dragonball has been pushed back for a late August premiere. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sakura Taisen Movie Coming

Despite the fact that the Sega Dreamcast is going through it end of life cycle the popular Dreamcast RPG franchise Sakura Taisen (Wars) is continuing. According to The GIAthe Sakura Taisen series, developed jointly Red Company and Sega's own Overworks, was previously confirmed to be on its way to the PlayStation 2 in some form. However, in a conference in Japan, Sega announced that the sequel to Sakura Taisen 3 is in development for Dreamcast and will be released in the spring of 2002.

In addition to a true sequel on the Dreamcast, Sega also announced two more Sakura Taisen games. Sakura Taisen Online (tentative title) for Dreamcast will be released this December and is listed as an "online theme park." Little is known about the game, but from the genre it will most likely not have much in common with the core series' gameplay. The other, Sakura Taisen GB 2, is coming to the Game Boy Color - not the GBA - and will likely be a direct sequel to the previous GBC Sakura Taisen game.

A theatrical anime movie of Sakura Wars will be showing in theaters, December 22nd.

Sakura Wars takes place in a world where technology is powered by steam. A group of girls who pilot mecha must protect Japan from demonic invasion.

Crayon Shinchan article

A very amusing and off beat children's anime series called Crayon Shinchan has been running in Hawii. The series follows Shinnosuke ,a kindergarten child who thinks he understands how the adult world works. Its mostly Denise the Menace type misadventures, but Shinnosuke's attempts to act adult, and his skewed perceptions of the world either greatly amuse older audiences or repel them. The series crude character design, and Shinnosuke's oddly gruff voice give the series a unique edge. The Honolulu Star Bullitin has an article about the series at here

How To Qualify For An Animation Oscar

According to the Internet Movie Database the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled the criteria it has set in place for the award of a new category, Best Animated Feature, which is likely to be presented for the first time next year. Under the rules, at least eight eligible animated films must be produced during the year. Each must be at least 70 minutes long, feature a significant number of animated characters, and animated scenes must account for at least 75 percent of the running time. The academy said that the Oscar in the new category will be presented only to "the key creative talent most clearly responsible for the overall achievement" and that no more than two Oscars will be presented in the category.

Sen To Chihiro Info

According to the mailing list Miyazaki's (Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke) latest movie Sen to Chirhio no Kamikakushi is be released on July 20

According to Sports Nippon, a Japanese newspaper, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi will be released in Japan on July 20.

Last Friday, a trailer of "Sen" was aired on TV at the end of the "Friday Movie Theater" program. .

Sen specials are schedule for July 2 and 3, 10-10:45pm, NHK Educational, "ETV 2001"

"Hayao Miyazaki talks about Will to Live." Part 1, with Keigo Okonogi (psychiatrist) Part 2, with Banana Yoshimoto (novelist who wrote "Kitchen")

July 12, 7-8:54pm, Nihon TV, Baseball Game "Giants vs Swallows"

It's called "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Nightly Game." Judging from the similar case in Mononoke, there will be some promotion during the game, but not much.

July 15, 3 -4:24pm, Nihon TV

" Sen to Chirhio no Kamikakushi Special"

Sen to Chirhio no Kamikakushi is about a young girl who must travel to the spirit world in order to rescue her parents.


AniMaxis reports that the second OVA of the very cute anime Alien 9 will be released today, June 22. Created by Hitoshi Tomizawa, the story is about three 6 year Elementary school girls who take up "alien work". It's set fifteen years in the future when aliens are not so uncommon on Earth. With a friendly alien on their heads, the girls' duty is to run around and get rid of the other aliens. The aliens with the girls are able to speak and communicate with them and feed off of their dead skin cells.

The three girls in the story are Yuri, Kumi and Kasumi. However only Kasumi, a pretty genki girl who is talented at arts like ballet and playing the piano, volunteered to be a part of the alien program as it looked like fun. Kumi accepted the position out of a sense of duty, and is described as a very good student - although she doesn't co-operate well with others. Yuri, a girl who is always pushed around by her classmates, is quite shy and easily cries, was bullied into it by her classmates. Luckily they have Megumi as their adviser to look after them and while she thinks the girls are doing a great job, she just can't stop worrying about Yuri.

The offfical web site can be seen at Alien 9 Homepage (Japanese)

Genso Maden Saiyuki Movie - Requiem

According to AniMaxis a theatrical movie of Genso Maden Saiyuki Movie is coming soon in Japan. The actual screening dates haven't been released yet but the commercials for it are everywhere in Japan.

"It features the usual suspects - Genjo Sanzo, the chain-smoking, gun-toting priest, Son Goku, the unpredictable baka saru (stupid-monkey), Sha Gojyo, the blood-red haired ero-kappa and Cho Hakkai, the smiling polite yokai with a dodgy past.

Plus of course the usual (likeable) villains - Kougaiji, Dokugakuji, Yaone and Lirin."

And there are two new faces appearing as well Houran and A Masked Man. Both of these characters have never appeared before in either the manga or the TV anime series.

Houran is a young girl with fabulous long green hair. She is a rather melancholy character, whose destiny is to be "sent mad" by the masked man.

The Great Dangaioh - Special interview

After an 11 year break AIC's bishoujo/mecha series Haja Taisei Dangaiou has return with "Great Dangaioh",. The series will continue the OAV in a broadcast on TV Asahi from April 6, at the VERY early time of 3:44 - 4:14am. An interview the series' creators can be read at here

Final Fantasy The Movie- L'arc en Ciel to Sing Ending Theme

Sony Pictures and Gaga Humax has announced "Spirit dreams inside", the ending theme music of their upcoming movie "Final Fantasy The Movie", to be sung by J-Pop group "L'arc en Ciel".

L'arc en Ciel's Single CD release will contain both English("Spirits dream inside") and Japanese versions of the song ("Spirits dream inside -another dream-). The Single CD is scheduled for sale in Fall. Mad Man Café has the lyrics at here

L'arc en Ciel's anime work include "Blurry Eyes", the theme song of DNA^2, The Fourth Avenue Café a ending theme for Kenshin

Carl Macek - Interview Part III has posted the third and final part of their Carl Macek interview at here DVD Angle also has an interview at here

Gundam on Cartoon Network Press Release

Cartoon Network will add two new series to the Toonami programming block in July. Mobile Suit Gundam will premiere at 5 p.m. (ET, PT) during the afternoon action-adventure block on July 23 and later that night, 08th MS Team will premiere at 12 midnight (ET, PT), July 24, during Toonami Midnight Run. Mobile Suit Gundam takes place in the year Universal Century 0079 while the Earth Federation and its space colonies are engaged in an apocalyptic war. The rebellious Principality of Zeon, using humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits, has all but vanquished the Federation. Now the Federation's last hope is the prototype mobile, mechanized battle-armor Gundam. When a twist of fate makes young civilian Amuro Ray the Gundam's pilot - his own battle begins - a struggle not only for the Federation's survival, but for his own. 08th MS Team (October U.C. 0079 - January U.C. 0080) - Federation Lt. Shiro Amada is transferred from the Space Unit to the Ground Unit, where he ends up leading the 08th MS team, a troubled group full of misfits and rogues. The Zeon Secret Weapon Development Unit has a base close to the 08th MS Team's station. Aina Saharin, a female pilot, is the test pilot of this threatening secret. She and Shiro have met before, when they were both adrift alone in space. Toonami, Cartoon Network's popular afternoon action-adventure programming block airs weekdays 5-7 p.m. (ET, PT) and features programs like Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, Big O and Outlaw Star. Intermittently throughout the two-hour programming block, Toonami features popular music, computer generated 3-D animation segments and the block's host, TOM, the animated character who inhabits the space vessel The Absolution. Toonami Midnight Run airs weeknights on Cartoon Network from 12 midnight to 1 a.m. (ET, PT).

Sega Goes Animation

After recent problems in the video game industry Sega many be diversifying into animation. According to Sega chief operating officer Tetsu Kayama "Today's announcement is a very important step ... as we aim to reorganise and restructure our business portfolios," Kayama told a news conference. "And, this is only the beginning in terms of inroads into new businesses."

Sega said in a statement it would produce a new animated television program using the Animanium technology, an advanced computer graphic technique, through a partnership with the independent Idea Factory.

Parasyte Movie

Hitosi Iwaaki's manga series Parasyte is being developed into a movie. Director Bo Welch has been attacked to the project from Henson Company and Don Murphy's Angryfilms. Welch received an Oscar nomination for his production designer worth on Men In Black, The Bird Cage and A Little Princess.

Matt Drake (The Truth About Tully) is also on board to develop the screenplay for the film. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Crazy/Beautiful) had previously been hired to do a draft of the script.

Parasyte is about a boy whose has a symbiotic alien bind itself to his hand. The alien was initially attempting to buried itself in the boy's brain through the ear, but because the boy was wearing head phone it had to settle for the hand.

Manga News

Right Stuf reports that Fanboy inc has canceled it publication of Kia Asamiya Sketch Collection: Sketchy Situations. Their upcoming release of Yoshitoshi ABe's White Rain, a manga one shot story form the character designer of the popular cyber thriller Serial Expirements Lain, has been delayed to 7/25.

Upcoming ADV Robotech Release

ADV representative David Williams has announced on Anime on DVD's forum a 9/18/2001 street date for the Robotech 5 & 6 (14.95$ each) discs as well as the 3rd box set (44.95$), which brings the Macross portion of Robotech to a close.

According a press release sent out recently ADV Films will be bringing the second batch of Robotech: The Macross Saga DVDs on August 7th, with 6 episodes per DVD fpr $14.98 each. The volumes will be entitled Robotech: The Macross Saga: Homecoming and Robotech: The Macross Saga: Battlefront . They will also be releasing Macross Saga: The Robotech Legacy Collection 2, a 325 minute collection for $44.98

According to AniHabara a new magazine "Gundam Ace" was recently stated. One of main attractions is "Kidou Senshi Gundam the Origin" by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who handled many Gundam series, but it's the first time that he draws a comic.

EX Returns

Online anime periodicalEX has returned after a hiatus with reviews of Angel Links volume 1, Amazing Nurse Nanaki volume 3, Sol Bianca: The Legacy, Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, and The Legend of Black Heaven volume 2. Though this batch of review are all domestic anime releases, the site traditionally excels at providing reviews of new Japanese releases that aren't reviewed elsewhere.

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