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Our old pal “Viacom Girl,” thus far a highly reliable source when it comes to all things “Star Trek,” offers this:

It looks like James Cromwell is poised to reprise his role of "Zephram Cochrane" from "Star Trek: First Contact" in the premiere episode of "Enterprise". In it, Dr. Cochrane makes a supposedly stirring speech that sends this first crew of explorers on their way.

This despite the fact that Cromwell is busy starring in own new series, “Citizen Baines,” a new hourlong from the “ER” folks that premieres on CBS this autumn.

UPDATE! Viacom girl added this on Monday:

Some people are posting their confusion about how James Cromwell's Cochrane character from "First Contact" can appear in "Enterprise," since the series takes place some time after the initial meeting with the Vulcans.

Cochrane is seen on archival footage giving a speech that invokes something close to the phrase: "To boldy go..." and I think you know the rest. Therefore, the current "Star Trek" team attributes Captain Kirk's legendary TOS opening to early words of Cochrane. I have mixed feelings about it, but that's the way the Romulan cookie crumbles.

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