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ROSWELL 3.X Spoilage!!

I am – Hercules!!

Alex Whitman’s body is barely cool, but Coax’s best “Roswell” spy tells us Isabel Evans is already spending the summer dating “Jesse,” a new lawyer at her dad’s law firm.

It won’t last. Despite Jesse’s chumminess with the older Evanses, Iz dumps the young attorney and asks him never to call again. When “Roswell” debuts on UPN Oct. 16, we will learn that her ex-flame is actually the evil alien Kivar!

In other “Roswell” news, Jonathan Frakes will be back directing the first UPN episode and Melinda Metz, who wrote the original “Roswell High” young adult novels (in which Max is blonde and Liz’s last name is Ortecho), has joined the show’s writing staff!

I am – Hercules!!

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