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MAD MAX 4 in production'

Hey folks, Harry here... We all know that George Miller has been working on pre-production on MAD MAX 4 for years now... at least 2 years that I know of. It was all triggered by his amazing work on BABE 2: PIG IN THE CITY and his discovery of what could truly be done with wire removal and such. Now from Australia... Specifically The Melbourne Herald Sun, there comes word that George Miller has started production on the 4th in the Mad Max series. Now we know that Gibson is still working on WE WERE WARRIORS ONCE AND YOUNG... but then we had heard that Max wouldn't be in this chapter... that there was a strong liklihood that the story would center around the Feral Child... remember the Boomerang kid? But that's just a rumor. Another rumor had placed Heath Ledger as the lead... but noone has heard a damn whisper. PERSONALLY, I hope Miller has gone underground with this casting. I hope he has found new people to work with... Actors that we might not of seen before. And the more underground he goes with it, the more insane and MAX-like it can be. If this Melbourne paper knows what they are talking about... this will be the coolest news of the month in my opinion!

Hey harry,

It is Les here from MILLER to the MAX ,the only George Miller fansite on the net! Anyway, more to the point, here in Australia a Melbourne paper ran an article that Mad max 4 has gone into production and will be shooting in Morocco, before coming back to Australia to shoot in South Australia's mining town of Coober Pedy. Anyway, you can view the article at my site MillerToTheMax.Com in the Mad Max 4 section


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