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DUNGEON AND DRAGONS 2 in the works... really'

Hey folks, Harry here.... DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS was one of those movies that I just couldn't believe I was watching.... a blue lipped bald sadist demanding and screaming, "Throw Me The Rod," and other permutations of GET ME THE ROD lines... This is one of the great BAD BAD movies I've seen. I'd rather watch a substandard sequel to this than another David Spade flick...

Greetings, Harry,

While on a recon mission for Starfleet Command, I came across some news on about a possible upcoming sequel to December's box office bomb "Dungeons & Dragons." Apparently, even though the film tanked at the box office (taking in only about $16 million domestically, when it cost $35 million to make) it has had decent overseas ticket sales and has profited at more than $50 million. According to, a sequel to the film may be in the works, set for pre-production once Courtney Solomon, the director of the first D&D film and owner of the film rights, finishes his current project.

I caught Dungeons & Dragons on the subspace imager back in December and I really enjoyed it, so I hope this sequel really does come out. After seeing the film's ending, where it is revealed that a supposedly dead main character may actually still be alive, the producers owe us an explanation.

Anyway, here's the text from the site:

"It is very true that the original concept for the movie was conceived as the first part of a trilogy. Because of that.. a lot of things were left purposely hanging and not totally explained. In the commentary on the DVD.. It wasn't known at the time what the domestic box office total would be, and the assumption was always that the 2nd movie would be made. In reality, the movie made about 16 million in the U. S. alone, and everybody pretty much took that to mean that a sequel was deader than a lone kobold at a dwarven tavern. Truth be told, it probably would be, if that was the end of the story. Fortunately it's not.

I cannot disclose actual figures for you ( Though believe me I want to!) But, because of the savvy way that this movie was presold to the international market, and the amount of cash up front that Sweetpea Entertainment also got from New Line for the domestic distribution, the actual production cost of the movie was already covered, before they sold a single ticket. Since Sweetpea also got a percentage of domestic gate.. and had made very lucrative deals overseas for percentage...any box office at all both here and around the world was basically profit. The film is going to top out internationally at around 50 million according to industry estimates, and on top of that we now add the DVD sales, TV and cable rights, and VHS release in the fall, to the mix. You can do the math if ya want, but I'll save you the trouble by just saying the Sweetpea investors are not unhappy people.

Now as you know, nothing says SEQUEL to producers like the possibility of extra cash to be made. So they are watching the numbers on the DVD sales very closely to try gauge the size of the actual market for a sequel. If they like what they see, then there may be a very good chance for us to revisit jolly old Izmer once more.

If they decide to shoot the 2nd film, when will it happen? Hard to say at this time. Early next year, Sweetpea will most likely be going into production on their next film project, a feature film adaptation of the Bell Witch legend currently titled "American Haunting". This is a film which Corey is also helming, so sequel production would have to be scheduled after that film. Rest assured we are keeping a very close eye on this situation and we will be the first to break any news about a sequel if it happens, so keep checking!"

And here's the URL for the full text:


Live Long and Prosper,

Trekker Stud

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