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Tiny Tidbit on LORD OF THE RINGS regarding score

Hey folks... Harry here, so how many of you blokes would give a teste to go on a Musical Pub Crawl with the lead wooden flute player in all the world as he Pied Piper's his music from LORD OF THE RINGS for your ears and tells ye of the trevails and sounds from that musical venture? Well Fonebone did just that and writes to tell us about it. But before I turn it over to Fonebone, I want to clarify something... there's a story going around that there will be a director's cut of LORD OF THE RINGS on DVD that'll put all the hard stuff back in that has to be cut to get a PG.... Well this is true...almost... Peter is going to be cutting the film for release in the PG-13 realm, but... with Orc blood being black... well it makes for easier going through the land of shadow known as the MPAA... Here ya go....

Hi Harry,

This is a quick message to let you know that last week while I was in Dublin, I went on a Musical Pub Crawl that was hosted by Allan Dougherty (not sure if I'm spelling the name right or not). In case the name doesn't ring any bells, it will in a few months, he's the lead flute player on the opening theme for Lord of the Rings. He is considered to be the best wooden flute player in Ireland and perhaps the world. He talked about arriving in Aus/New Zealand after spending a month learning the music by ear (he doesn't read sheet music) only to have someone pop a new disc in his hand and tell him he has two days to learn the new song. He played a one-minute section of the song he performs, very haunting. The wooden flute is a good choice for the lead on any song for a fantasy movie, it just sounds epic, ver full rich tonal palate.

BTW, Allan is one of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet, and very humble about his work, although he's about to become one of the most sought after session men in movies.

Anyways, not really news, but a great geek moment nonetheless!


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