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The Trailer For Barry Sonnenfeld's BIG TROUBLE based on the novel by Dave Barry

Hey folks, Harry here with the trailer links for BIG TROUBLE... the latest Barry Sonnenfeld flick.. he dropped out of ALI for this and I think it was the best for everyone concerned... It gave ALI to Michael Mann.... who will make an amazing film out of it... and Sonnenfeld got this project which plays to all the strongest points in Sonnenfeld's bag of tricks. Sonnenfeld with a strong source material for comedy and a nice damn fine group of talented comedy performers... Well... I'm anxious to see this and I haven't been anxious for a Sonnenfeld flick in a darn tootin long time... The trailer looks like there be Hi-Jinks for certain... Look and see...

Click here to view the theatrical trailer of Barry Sonnenfeld's latest comic film, BIG TROUBLE. In theaters September 21st.

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