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1st ya see it, now ya don't! Smuggled Star Wars Footage GONE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... THE BBC is running an article that talks about THEFORCE.NET's footage being pulled... Lucasfilm's Imperial Agents are quoted in the article as saying that they don't know why the file was pulled at THEFORCE.NET but that if it went up again the Lucasfilm Lawyers would be called... CUE- Appropriate John Williams Track Here...

Having seen the footage, I can say that suing over it would be childish and just out and out lame. You could barely see what was going on... there was no attached audio, so no dialogue could be heard... The footage mainly had Hayden dicking around with his Lightsaber like Arnold in CONAN THE BARBARIAN... Everything had BLUESCREENS with not backgrounds... no sense of context... and if that was a major spoiler... or the key moment of the next film, then dear god these films are in trouble.

Lucasfilm could really learn from the New Line team's response to unwanted items online.... They write the webmaster a nice letter asking that they please remove it.... Lawyers are never mentioned or insinuated.

Of course Lucasfilm has the right to protect its characters and images... but if that was really the case, releasing footage at a public event... Not the best idea. If George and crew really want to keep everything on the QT... then they should cease all licensing deals and all promotional partners... They should close their website and lock the doors. There is a way to keep things quiet, but it means not whoring your product to every pimp on every corner of the commercial world. Choose, but choose wisely... Alienating fans is not the route to take. Afterall... This is dangerous time for the Empire...

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