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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Live-Action TV Footage!

Greetings, comic connoisseurs! ROBOGEEK here with something sorta special...

While most TV-watching superhero geeks I know are eagerly anticipating such projects as Cartoon Network's JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series and, of course, Fox's much-delayed live-action series adaptation of THE TICK, I thought I'd bring you a peek at something you may or may not have seen (in the interest of equal time).

Captain America! Spider-Man! The Hulk! Iron Man! Thor! The Scarlet Witch! Hawkeye! They're all here - in the flesh! See for yourself in this 30 second 2.7MB 240x180 QuickTime file...




So maybe it is just that "Got Milk?" commercial... but it still is kinda geeky-cool (and is something many AICNers have been asking for since it started airing). And, by gosh, doesn't it just make you wish there really was a live-action AVENGERS series - or movie? How cool would that be?

Anyway, just thought I'd share - and hopefully bring a smile to your Monday. ;-)

"What... do you fight? HA!!!

- Robogeek

P.S.: And, yes, in case you missed it... that hotlink in the second paragraph takes you to a rare snippet of genuine TICK series footage!

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