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So, um Axl Rose and uh Alanis Morisette are doing a cover of a Led Zeppelin song & it's going on LORD OF THE RINGS! Not

Hey folks, I received this email (and tens upon tens upon tens upon tens of others like it) stating something that sounded... terrifyingly wrong for the movie...

"What is the deal with this new Lord of the Rings rumor??? That the Soundtrack will feature duet Led Zeppelin song by Axl Rose and Alanis Morisette???

Please say it aint so........... This would be totally inappropriate. Alanis' site says that she's been talking about it in interviews as of yesterday."

So I decided to ask Peter to see exactly where he was going to be placing this Axl Rose & Alanis Morisette duet... Hoping against hope that it's over the Hobbiton sequences and here's what he told me...

Hi Harry,

No truth at all.

The only place I can imagine this coming from is the fact that New Line music have been talking to different artists about contributing a song to a "Songs inspired by Tolkien" type album that has nothing to do with what's actually on the film. I don't know who they've spoken to, but it may include these people.

The only music on the film will be that totally appropriate to the movie.


Peter J

Awwwwww shucks, I was so hoping their song was going to go over Bilbo's party scene.... hehehe... NOT. I figured this rumor might involve the 'SONGS INSPIRED BY TOLKIEN' album which is inevitable.... toodles...

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