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A.I.: First TV Commercial

Greetings, orgas and mechas! ROBOGEEK here with a fresh peek at a project oh so close to my cybernetic heart...

As some of you may know (or might have grown to suspect), ol' Robo owes at least as much to Dr. Jeanine Salla as he does to Professor Hikita (and many others). Therefore, I am uniquely anticipating the cinematic telling of this particular tale - and the hopeful dialogue it will foster regarding the issue of robotic emancipation.

Anyway, earlier today, television spots began airing for A.I. in the United States. So far I've spotted two, and I've digitized the first for ya.

I've probably watched it about a hundred times now, its words and images ingrained in my vacuum tubes.

For those of you who have been mystified by this project, these hauntingly beautiful and tantalizingly evocative thirty seconds should help illuminate why it is perhaps the most significant film to be released this year until Peter Jackson's THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING debuts this Christmas.

I mean, just think about it. It is the year 2001. It is a monumental collaboration between Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg across space and time, life and death - each returning to true science-fiction for the first time since 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, respectively.

Could this be the first great film of the 21st Century?

Dare we hope... and dream?

Consider the following...

His name is David.

In a distant future,

in an age of intelligent machines,

he is the first robotic child programmed to love.

His is a tale of a journey

to find his place among humans...

...and machines.

"You're a machine."

"I'm a boy."


(It's a 30 second 7.7MB 320x240 QuickTime file.)

Yearning to be free,

- Robogeek

P.S.: Oh, and as for that second A.I. TV spot... it's coming. (And it's longer.)

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