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More About Bakula And Trek

El Cosmico here, with a bit more info about the happy news that Scott Bakula has been cast as the lead in the newest Star Trek series. Here's a report, once again from our friend Viacom Girl, with some more details about Bakula, and why we should all be really happy about this. Here she is:

Paramount has officially announced that after long and lengthy negotiations, Scott Bakula has finally been cast as the Captain in the new "Star Trek" show "Enterprise." He'll be portraying the pioneering explorer Captain Jonathan Archer.

What hasn't been reported is that Mr. Bakula reported to the lot today for his first meeting with the rest of the cast. They also had a script "table reading" which went well... particularly for actor John Billingsley who will be playing a distinctly "alien" character on the show. Scott and John sparked immediate chemistry and it became clear that the two of them will do well together on screen.

Scott Bakula is being paid a small fortune to join this "Enterprise" but what's more important is that he gave SIGNIFICANT input into the script, particularly his character, and ALL OF IT was heeded. Everything he asked for was done.

Scott likes "Star Trek" but isn't some obsessive fan. He seems primarily concerned with characterization and emotion and there's even more cause for rejoycing in the fact that he sees no value in "technobabble."

Mr. Bakula isn't content just to collect a hefty paycheck. He intends to do good work and will not settle for mediocrity. He's bringing a great deal of humor and humanity to the role and if this show has any chance for success -- it rests solely on his shoulders.

Don't think Mr. Bakula's popularity with the fans and approval of him wasn't heeded by TPTB. AICN has made a difference for this show, and Scott Bakula is truly the star of the show. He's empowered to have opinions and from what I've seen, every single idea he's brought to the table was inspired and RIGHT ON!


Sounds great to me. I can't wait to see this show knowing that he's involved. Congratulations, Scott!

-El Cosmico

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