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Pilot Reviewed!! LOOMIS!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

Poor, poor T-Dub. He just wanted to enjoy a little Universal Studios action, and instead... he became part of a market research group for the new Cheri Oteri sitcom. Oh, the horror!!

I was at Universal Studio last week and had the distinct pleasure, or displeasure, of watching the pilot episode of Cheri O'Teri's new sitcom Loomis (the rest of the cast is filled with little known actors). Cheri plays a reporter for a local TV station in Loomis, CA. If this ever makes it to TV I swear I'll pull an Elvis (not the dying on the crapper part, the other thing with the gun and the TV). Cheri overacts every scene she's in. She should've taken a page from David Spade and played a bit part in an ensemble. Or better yet, learn from Tim Meadows. Never leave SNL. The show contains a poor man's Andy Dick (the character who's sexuality comes into question), a poor man's Jerry Stiller (the talking at the top of my lungs father figure) and a poor man's David Deluise (as the lazy brother). Basically making it a poor, pitiful show. It looks like they tried to make it the bastard offspring of NewsRadio, Veronica's Closet, Seinfeld and Jesse. The show came complete with dog breath and poop jokes, as well as the hilarity that ensues when someone repeatedly points out that her sunglasses are DKNY. The show was about as funny and interesting as watching tooth decay form. At the end of the 23 minute pilot they gave us the standard questionnaire.

The gentleman in front of me who slept through the entire show rated it as one that he would watch on a regular basis. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if I was asleep too.

The pilot basically revolves around the fact that it's Cheri's birthday and she doesn't get along well with her mother. Standard paint by numbers script follows. She goes home and her mother bakes her brother's favorite desert, instead of hers. The dog gets sick, everybody worries and Cheri realizes that her mother does pay attention to her. And everyone is happy in the end. I'd give more detail but I'm in the midst of removing that part of my brain that houses my memory retention for that day.


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