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A LORD OF THE RINGS Image that I can't believe is out

Hey folks, Harry here... From time to time I see stuff that hits online that I just sort of say... "Should that have made it online?" I mean, seriously... Should we ever even have the chance to see what an uncloaked Nazgûl looks like before it does it on-screen? I mean, ultimately... knowing that Vader is allegedly Luke's father in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK still does not take away for me, the moment when he hits Luke with that sledgehammer.... And I do remember my original reaction to that scene, my thoughts were.... "NOOOOO! THAT'S NOT TRUE..... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" And then I thought, "SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS, YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE!" and then after a pause, my brain went... "NNNoooOOoooOooooooOOOOOooo" and started whimpering alot. BUT... I still have this reaction. In my heart of hearts, I believe that Lucas is gonna pull another whammy on us... Something like revealing that Luke and Leia were the actual children of ol Ben Kenobi or something. Cause there is a part of me that still doesn't want Vader to be Luke's father. BUT... Do I want to know that twist before it happens? Not really. But kinda. Why? Impatience. Curiousity. Immaturity. Boredom. Because it is there to be known. I mean, sure... Man never should have split the atom... but then, if we were not meant to split the atom... then why are there atoms, and why can they be split in the first place? So this long route to a simple point is... Should you see the visage of the Nazgûl? It isn't a mountain to climb.... you didn't really do any work to find out about it.... But it is just right below. Look at that link, look in a mirror... do you want to know? Are you still here? Have you already hit back, or did you move forward? I will not host this image on the site. Why? Because though I have seen the Balrog.... and I have seen Gollum.... I did not want to see this, but I have it 20 times in e-mail and it is... technically my job to not only see it, but pass that opportunity on to you. Click if you so desire....

CLICK HERE ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW.... MONTHS EARLY AND OUT OF CONTEXT WITH THE FILM.... WHAT THE UNCLOAKED Nazgûl look like! ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SEE? This is your last chance to preserve this mental hymen!!!

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