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Set report from THE COUNTRY BEARS... yup like the Disneyland Attraction... but with Christopher Walken!

Hey folks, Harry here with an excerpt from a set report that is quite wonderful that you can find at The Laughing Place!!! It is my opinion that the COUNTRY BEARS movie is going to be one of the most surreal experiences in life... The idea of drawing a parallel between LYNRD SKYNRD, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, THE BEACH BOYS and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS with the COUNTRY BEARS.... It just boggles the mind.... But I have to say, from this review, I like the universe concept where Bears make up 10% of the population and work alongside us and attend films, restaurants... That's kinda cool! I think....

"We did get to see the bears, as they were part of the scene with us, and I have to say that they are the most amazing things I have ever seen. They don't look like the Country Bears in the Disney attraction, but rather, actual Bears with human characteristics. You see, in this world, Bears are 10 percent of the population. They work alongside us in our offices, live in our neighborhoods, and sit with us in the audience to watch our favorite Country-Rock band (hint, hint). The Country Bears are a band a la Lynrd Skynrd, the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, and the Beach Boys. After beating a young fellow named Rand and his unusual and somewhat gross act in a talent competition, the Country Bears go on to huge success. Rand vows revenge, and when he grows up to be a New York millionaire, it looks as if he may actually get it. "

Now Read The Entire Article At THE LAUGHING PLACE!!!!

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