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+ALL NEW SPIDER-MAN PICTURES!!! Rescuing Burning Baby From Crying Building! Umm, Strike That, Reverse That... Play!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with some AMAZING SPIDER-MAN shots! This first pic came from Davichan by way of SpidermanHype, but then the second gaggle of photos came via our very own Thordog!!! Check em out... fantastic and atmospheric! Tres Cool!

Hey there Harry,

Or should I say Konichiwa from the land of the land of the rising sun....

I am a first time writer...but an avid fan of one of the coolest sites on the web...AINTITCOOLNEWS.COM (alrighty,..just tryin to suck up a little bit..but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do..)

Some Spidey FYI

was browsin the net and visited and they have just posted some really cool pics from the 44th st. shoot....the main one is that of SPIDER-MAN's webbing..or most of it anyway. They say that it will be part material and part cg effects...

just thought you might want to know.

Sayonara...from an american man living in Japan

You can call me Davichan

And then Thordog just sent these amazing pics!!! And there might be some more!!!

Spidey is shooting in Manhattan East Side... These are full costume shots of Spiderman. Unfortuneately, they are a bit distanced. Spiderman is carrying a baby from a burning building in most shots. FYI: IMHO: The costume is incredibly well done. Post em if you like em. Time permitting, I will come back with more and some supporting documentation later today.


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