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Aronofsky Confirms George Clooney As Next BATMAN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with new tidbits from a Q&A last night in Dallas with Darren Aronofsky, where he actually talks about BATMAN casting... He also mentions PROTEUS... Now what is interesting is that he seems to be insinuating that PROTEUS is the film he'll be making next, but PROTEUS was the name of the script he wrote, which became David Twohy's BELOW, which is currently filming... Was Darren talking about this project which he wrote and I believe is producing? Or has he taken that name, which was abandoned, and placed it upon his new as of yet unnamed (to the public) Science Fiction project? Only time will tell, but he seems to be stating that some familiar faces from REQUIEM will be back with him.... More as we learn it!!!

Just came home from the screening of last year's best film: Requiem for a Dream, where Darren Aronofsky held a Q&A afterwards. All this was in Dallas at the SMU Film Festival. He confirmed George Clooney the next Batman and said "Now everybody's gonna write to Ain't It Cool News about it." He said he's going to direct a science fiction film also: Proteus (which he wrote while filming Pi). He also said he would be working with some of the same people he worked with on his first two films, like Ellen Burstyn ("Who will give another great performance"). I asked him about the woman on the pier shot and if it was borrowed from Dark City. "Jennifer Connelly said 'I can't do this, I did the exact same thing in Dark City.' " Aronofsky said he didn't see the film before the shoot. He said he has a bunch of bonus shit for the DVD. He also called Marlon Wayans on his cell phone, he got the answering machine and put the phone up against the mike: "Yo, this is Marlon, leave a message." He talked about the MPAA wanting the double-headed black dildo removed. "Marlon said maybe a white one would do."


P.S. Harry here again... As many in TALK BACK have pointed out, Clooney is too old to play twenty-something Batman of BATMAN YEAR ONE... as Miller wrote the comic... BUT... From the sound of it, Someone asked Aronofsky either A)Who will be the next BATMAN? or B)Is George Clooney Going To Be Batman Again? Could it be possible that Lorenzo and Team Warners is cooking up as a possible THIRD option a BATMAN 5? A Batman movie that takes place with the established Batman... Before going forward with a BATMAN BEYOND or a BATMAN YEAR ONE? We'll have to begin further investigation... perhaps it is time to make that Lorenzo Office Nanobot come back online... Hmmmmm....

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