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Images of Kevin Spacey on the set of THE SHIPPING NEWS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... How long has it been since we had a good positive film about Journalism transforming the human spirit instead of crushing it? Well, looks like Kevin Spacey is trying to make one up in Halifax, and I for one am rooting for the film to be a winner. It has all the good signs... KEVIN SPACEY... Lasse Hallström directing... a Ron Bass screenplay based upon the wonderful Annie Proulx's book of the same name.... Julianne Moore.... JULIANNE MOORE!!!!! Read on and look at what Maximus sent us!!!

Hail Harry!!

Was checking out today's front page in the local rag and caught some pics from the new movie Mr Spacey is filming in our lovely province of Nova Scotia. These pictures dont show too much, but I have also provided a link to the article regarding the movie. Check it out... might be of some interest.


Halifax Herald article: BY CLICKING HERE

Plus Even More Pictures: By Clicking Here

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