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LORD OF THE RINGS Statues - Wave 1

Hey folks, Harry here... I posted that LURTZ photo first because I thought it was just... INCREDIBLE, but these others aren't bad... it's just LURTZ is Soooooooo good, that it literally looks like a full size costume reduced down. On Gandalf and Frodo though... it looks like statues of people... nice statues, but still statues... LURTZ looks like he could just walk off the little platform and kill you. But the Weta Sculptors have done an amazing job all the way around I'd say... Up first is Gandalf

The text says:

GANDALF THE GREY: An ancient and powerful wizard, Gandalf was a guide and mentor to Frodo in his quest. One of the fellowship, and deep in wisdom and foresight, Gandalf was first to discover the true nature of the ring and took it upon himself to orchestrate the forces of light against the evil advance of Sauron, the dark lord. 12.5" H (318mm)

And this is what the Frodo text said:

FRODO BAGGINS: On the advice of the wizard Gandalf, young hobbit Frodo Baggins of the Shire, was to set out on a perilous quest. Frodo must trust in his eight fellowship companions to protect himself and the mysterious ring from the forces of darkness that pursue him, while only the strength of his own heart could save him from the corrupt lure of the ring itself. 9" H (230mm)

And Lastly, The Orc Overseer

ORC OVERSEER: Bred long ago from captured elves, orcs were a foul race of night-dwelling creatures and servants of evil. Under his master, Saruman's direction, the Orc Overseer raised a new breed of orc, more powerful and upright than his own kind, that would not fear the light, to attack the fellowship on their quest. 10" H (255mm)

Still to come later tonight... The Busts!!!

© 2001 New Line Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. "The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring and the characters and the places therein, ™ The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc. All rights reserved." © 2001 Sideshow, Inc. and WETA Workshop, Ltd.

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