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The Wonder and Splendor of the Insidious Genius Embedded in that new A.I. Trailer!!!

Whoever is the string puller in this ad campaign for A.I. needs to be given the honorary title of GENIUS, because the tricks and turns in this A.I. thing I'm trapped in is an utter load of crack. I LOVE IT.

What is up with the screengrab above? Well... figure it out. Look at it. Contemplate them. And realize that AlsonThorne is a super-genius too! Oh my... the game is afoot and we are not alone. We're on this ride together folks, I'm reading you and listening and trying my own tricks as well... We'll see who gets to whatever it is that we are trying to get to first... But it seems, we'll have to do this together...

To play as part of the AICN team, just use this talk back and refer back to The Original Page of AI Information, as well as the Original A.I. Talk Back Board... And remember... to play the game alone... don't read the talk backs till you are stuck, and remember it starts with Jeanine Salla and a search at Google.Com!!!! Moriarty is working on a master page right now of known facts... we'll see what we come up with! THIS IS SO FRIGGIN FUN!!! Like the ol days of ZORK!!!

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