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Received the below report about the title, "Hidden City," but I have been receiving many reports from people at Pixar, Disney and the Richmond area that say there are whispers going around that the film is really about a world of monsters that live underneath a little girl's bed. I have also heard that they are experimenting with darker backgrounds and a weird 2d and 3d technology that seems to be reminisceint of that classic and cool James Mason narrated cartoon THE TELL-TALE HEART. God I love that cartoon, I even have it in 16mm. Simply brilliant. Anyway, monsters are cool, and I love the concept of a world beneath a little girl's bed. However, having just looked under my sister's bed, I can honestly say that truth is far scarier than fiction...

I read the info about Pixars "Hidden City"..

The name is partially correct and partially not.. Dont give my name- but if you must give a spy name Ill be "Little Reject" (Inside joke)..

Hidden City is indeed the code/working title of Pixar's 3rd film. But, it doesn't necessarily give away what it is about. It simply is the name of the directors (Pete Docter) favorite eating establishment. Yes, its a restaurant in Richmond CA.

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