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Hey folks, Harry here with an update! I was contacted by the mysterious Anna Ghaepetto and told that the story that follows... the links that follows have too many Xs for your map. If you want to begin the game as it should be played... just start with the name Jeanine Salla... do a search, and figure it out for yourself. Consuming all the links below at once may very well spoil your dinner... proceed with caution my friends!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I got the following email from ClaviusBase concerning the A.I. credit in the trailer... "Sentient Machine Therapist - Jeanine Salla" Actually, several people sent in this info, and when I double checked the trailer... I realized they were right. Here's ClaviusBase's letter:

Hey Harry, This is my first time contacting you, but I found out something very interesting with the new AI Trailer. Check out the second frame of credits at the end of the trailer and you'll notice a credit to the Sentient Machine Therapist-Jeanine Salla. Type her name in the search engine, and see what sites pop up...pretty cool stuff! Keep up the good work, Harry!! -ClaviusBase

Ok, so after messing around for a bit, I wound up at which is the home page of Jeanine Salla... The site seems to be all about an advocate and scientist that advanced cybernetics in the next 50 years or so to the point where Artificially Intelligent Robots with human-esque features became common place. As you click around the site, you'll eventually end up...

At this Location, In Our Image.Org is a pro-robot website that is advancing the free-speech and freedom to live unshackled to a human and be their own entity... Intelligently going on through time without SERVING humans. It informs about the dangers facing Robots of the day... the problems with the Anti-Robot Militias...

And that's what got my brain cooking... if they've (Spielberg and crew) thought about Pro-Robot pages... founder of free-thinking robot thought homepages... Then why wouldn't they create an Anti-Robot Militia page.... And after little effort, I found the homepage of the ANTI-ROBOT MILITIA aka Unite-And-Resist.Org! And boy, do they have a wire to pick with the robot folks... This is a pure HATE site... or is it? I mean these fucking tin-cans are taking jobs away from us red-bloods and food from our children's mouths... I've seen TERMINATOR... I know where these little smart rusting bastages will take the world... ALL THE WAY TO ARMAGEDDON!!! I know it! Ummm... Ok, well I have pills to go take, but I've warned ya!!!

Harry here... just found Sentient Property Crime Bureau website, where you can report your thinking toaster's crime against your anus!!! Report it Now!!!

Now I just found MetropolitanLivingHomes.Com which is a living home site, where you can live in a sentient house.... LIKE IN THE HAUNTING!!!!

Ok, now for you German speaking folks, here's a challenge... Spielberg and crew made shit in German tooo.... CLICK HERE FOR GERMAN A.I. Weirdness!!!

Hey folks, just found which is also part of this weirdness!!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here. This goes deeper than Knowles realized at first. I signed on to start poking around for the evening and happened to go into our chat room. Harry was already there. He called me so we were talking as we checked the various links above, and we started posting the links to our chatters as well. Then a guy calling himself "Monkey Stan" signed on and said he had a complete list of the sites associated with the film, all the hidden sites. Some of them aren't active yet, and they have password menus that pop up to keep you out. As I did a domain search on them though, at the suggestion of "Monkey Stan," who turned out to be Stan Tobiason of, it turns out that all of these sites are registered to the women of the Ghaepetto family. They're owned by alphabetically ascending members of the Ghaepetto family, too. Anna, Bianca, Carla, Daniella. As if that weren't all odd enough, check out how many ALICE IN WONDERLAND references are used in these domain names. This is a lot of fun. Someone associated with AI deserves major credit for their work.























There's working phone numbers on those websites. If you call 212-502-1177 and follow the directions to extension #2, it's a creepy message in which a woman asks for help in figuring out her husband's death while boating. There are layers upon layers upon layers of oddity to they way they've built this as a promo campaign. It's like there's some sort of mystery here. I can't wait to see how any of this ties in to the movie.

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