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Remember This' Regarding EPISODE 2 Title!

Hey folks, Harry here.... On February 20, 2001 many of you called me crazy, full of shit, a damned liar... Why? Because I posted a rumor saying that the STAR WARS EPISODE 2 title was THE SHADOW FALLS... I justified it as being a classic SERIAL title to a larger chapter play... and being very apropo to the episode at hand and such... I did doubt the double THE though... ie THE phantom menace... and now THE shadow falls... WELL... Today Channel 5 did an interview with MR GEORGE LUCAS, a somewhat involved in the Star Wars thing personality, who apparently confirmed the title..... OR DID HE? Right now the controversy seems to center around the word "THE" or "A" Currently TheForce.Net is saying the host said "THE" and our guy below says George Lucas said A SHADOW FALLS out of his own mouth! Hmmmmm.... Well... ponder on kemosabes... Personally I love the title.

Hi Harry,

Just been watching the Movie Chart Show on Channel 5 here in the UK. In an exclusive interview with George Lucas, he confirmed the title for Ep II is 'A Shadow Falls' I know there was some doubt when you scooped this a while ago, but this seems to confirm it. Straight from the horses mouth.

Call me Tiberious

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