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A Pair of New LORD OF THE RINGS Pics!

Hey folks, Harry here with a couple of new character shots that I haven't seen before from LORD OF THE RINGS... Though I have to say that seeing Gimli in any form warms my heart. Seeing John Rhys Davies in that get up... and feeling the weight of those axes of his... Well, let's just say that Gimli is a mean muther if he can wield those things each and every day... Man they were heavy as hell. Anyways, thank the Animatorguy, he found em for us! Here ya go...

Hi Harry,

I just came across these pics from Lord of the Rings in a local NZ Womens Mag. I'm not sure if they've popped up before. I know I haven't seen them. They're of John Rhys-Davies as Gimil and Liv Tyler as Arwen. Enjoy!

Thats all,


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