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COLOSSUS Make-Up Test Video for X-MEN 2

Hey folks, Harry here... X-MEN 2 is still a bit off in terms of being ready to shoot or cast as we speak. While Bryan Singer's deal is done, the producers are yet to be signed and as of yet, no screenwriter that I know of has begun to write the film yet.

However, that being said... There are some very enthusiastic types out there that WANT... nah... NEED to grab attention quickly because they want to play the character they've dreamed of playing. This time, that actor is Christian Boeving. Now you may have seen him on BATTLE DOME on UPN or as one of Mr. Freeze's thugs in shiverbatmanandrobinshiver

Well Christian has made an audition tape of him as COLOSSUS as all part of his master plan to come in and take over Hollywood and become the reigning Action God of Tomorrow. Now I've never seen him in BATTLE DOME or CO-ED TRAINING, so I have no opinion on his acting abilities, but having seen the below video... I'd say... GIVE THE GUY A SHOT... GODDAMN HE LOOKS THE PART!!!!


It is quite obvious to me that you folks are just blind! Look at him, he's silver (kind of) and he has muscles... I mean, that's Colossus right? I mean, I bet he even has a younger blonde sister that is hanging somewhere in hell!

Now all this being said, I'm currently getting ready to do my own audition tape to play THE BLOB. It is my destiny and I will get the part. So with any luck, you'll soon see me vs. Christian Boeving on film in 2003!!! Behold... never has such talent been on screen!!! I plan on wearing a G-String dental floss style, as my physique is... akin to Bacchus and other Gods of yesteryear. Fall way ye puny Talk Back whores! I RULE!

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