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LORD OF THE RINGS next theatrical trailer news!!!

Hey folks, Harry here! Well, here's the latest. The next Teaser Trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS is being worked on currently. The plan is, or so I've heard, is to have it ready by the time that PEARL HARBOR hits or at the latest 2 weeks after. It will be another 'TEASER' with the real REAL Trailer coming a few months later.

As for what to expect at Cannes in terms of on screen? Nobody knows for certain, but I've heard that those in attendance to the big New Line LORD OF THE RINGS extravaganza will be treated to what is going to essentially be a continuous HUNK of the movie completely finished including the Howard Shore score in place. This is the current rumor that I'm hearing, and folks... I'm genuinely super excited about this. Currently I'm working on attending the LOTR thingee... we'll see.

Seeya later...

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