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On Set FROM HELL Footage from Prague!

Hey folks, Harry here with a look from CNN of the FROM HELL set outside of Prague where the Hughes Brothers shot the film. El Cosmico and his amazing TIVO unit managed to capture this beast for all of you! The piece was actually on "How much cheaper it is to shoot movies in Prague than in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter" Sure to make all of the local film crews lose a cap while gritting their teeth in furious anger. But frankly... the reality in the case of the FROM HELL set was a matter of costs being 3 times cheaper, therefore they were able to rebuild... from scratch.... Jack The Ripper era White Chapel... completely.

Meanwhile, you should also know that I've found out a few additional details about the Test Screening and the state of the print of FROM HELL that took place in Las Vegas a couple of nights ago. First, only about 70% of their effects work has been completed. Second, sound and picture are not finished.... things like the voice of the Ripper are temps... filler at the moment. And work is definitely continuing on the film. So click on the below to get a bit of a visual sense of things thanks to CNN and El Cosmico... enjoy....

17.2MB 1 minute, 17 seconds, 360x240.

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