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Farrelly Bros. to make a THREE STOOGES film...

Hey folks, Harry here with one of those stories where ya just have to wonder... WHY... The Associated Press ran a story yesterday that basically stated that the Farrelly Brothers were going to make a THREE STOOGES movie. Not a biography. Not a remake of one of their films, but an original Three Stooges faux-film with actors playing the parts of Moe, Larry and Curly. (No Shemp or Curly Joe apparently.)

In related news, I hear that Guy Ritchie is making a James Cagney Gangster film next. He's going to hire an actor to play the actor as though he were playing a part in a new Gangster Film.

Also, Lisa Marie Presley has announced a talent search for an Elvis Impersonator to re-record all of her father's songs and shoot music videos so that they'll get more play on MTV...

Of course, the above two are figments of my demented sick imagination, but that kind of illustrates my frustration here. I know we seem to have a complete lack of modern physical comedy routines... Watching SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE nowadays is akin to having one's skin removed with a dull potato peeler, but hiring reproduction comedians to do older acts today?

I just don't see the point.

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